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Cheating Bastards

Posted by: DevilTrigger

Tagged in: relationships , Cheating , bastards


I ran into an old friend from High school yesterday. He was with his fiance, but she walked away to allow us some time to catch up. And so we did, asking all the usual questions about what you're up to, whats new, do you still see some of the guys from school, etc. Eventually I asked about the aformentioned fiance, a rather attractive looking young lady, and was told that they've been together for a solid 3 years. Then he told me he cheats on her.

"My man," he said, pulling a smile, "If you had to go home and eat chicken everyday, you would get tired of it, you know? You gotta eat something else now and again on the side!"

"Er...yeah," I reply. "Ha ha ha."

"You know how it is boss!"

We talk a bit more, then he walks back to her, they hold hands happily, innocently, then walk off into the crowded distance. It was somewhat shocking, as the guy I left behind in school never seemed like the cheating type, but then it hit me that the vast majority of male friends I have or have had are cheaters without concern. It's something I despise, something I wish wasn't so easily accepted by men in general. I have protested against it amongst friends, but you get labelled as the weak one, that if you aren't a player, you aren't a man.

So guys, your definition of being a man is:

- To have no self control

-To betray someones trust

-To lie and manipulate

-To be a self centered bastard

If thats the criteria, then Goddammit bitches, guess I ain't a man, and I'm proud of that. Newsflash you bastards, if you aren't prepared to be faithful to someone, then um, heres a thought, DONT GET INTO A RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM. But see, these assholes want the best of both worlds, the love and security of a relationship, and also the thrills of playing the field and being single. You cannot have both and maintain your integrity.

But I forget, being a man has nothing to do with integrity, does it?

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written by Dissol, November 07, 2010 a male...who happens to really enjoy female company...I am celebrating my wedding anniversary tomorrow, with the most wonderful woman, who I have been faithful with for more than the 24 years we have been married...I also have friends who define their "maleness" by the number of females that they can cheat on at the same time. Maybe I am not macho in their eyes, and maybe I am less of a "man" in their eyes...but I really don't care. But, in my eyes, like yours, I would choose integrity.
written by Nita, November 08, 2010
Good for you for having integrity, but you should have told this friend as much, now he thinks you agree with him.
written by DevilTrigger, November 08, 2010
Glad I'm not alone Dissol! @Nita, trust me I've tried time and time again, you just get the 'You're not a man!' response. Mostly I ignore, or if I don't have the energy, just smile and nod. We were pretty close back in the day, and regardless of the cheating thing it was still fun catching up, so starting an arguement when I probably may never see him again didn't seem like the best way to handle it.
written by Dissol, November 08, 2010
DevilTrigger; if it makes you feel any better, the type of behaviour has lost me 2 long term friends. One friendship eventually was re-kindled (after he lost half his farming business, in a very expensive, acrimonious divorce), the other person has not been in touch since the evening he left my house, calling me something less than manly, after I reacted badly to his bragging about different conquests outside of his marriage. Quite apart from the cheating (which is bad enough), he was also potentially playing Russian Roulette with many people's lives. One might have thought that living in a country with rampant HIV / AIDS would curb their desires, but it seems that the drag of the hormones is far stronger than any brain power that they may have... smilies/sad.gif

That being said, because my wife and I have absolute trust in one another, I can stay with my (single, female) friend's house in Jo'burg whenever I am there, or take former girlfriends out for dinner, or take my physio or OT out for lunch, without any problems.

That being said, I once had a lot of fun; I had to buy a new bed, so once weekend, with the whole family we called into one of these bed shops...and they had a great bed that could be moved into different positions with electric motors, and even the bed could vibrate...which was wonderful!! All the family lay on the bed while we raised the back, then the legs, and different vibration settings... But I was not sure whether it was a sensible choice for my pretty ropey the next day I went with my (young, attractive, female) OT, and we repeated the test, with us both lying on the bed in different positions. I didn't actually explain to the assistants what was going on, as it was such fun to see the shock on their faces!!! smilies/cool.gif
the new james rond
written by the new james rond, November 09, 2010
As a man I have a terrible sex drive. I’m sure I’m a nymphomaniac or something, much worse than most men. Almost like a hungry black vampire bat looking for blood. A lot of lust there but only for my soul mate. Wherever she may be.
written by DevilTrigger, November 10, 2010
Lol Dissol you have the weirdest stories...awesome that you found your soulmate. Guess me and James gotta keep on lookin smilies/tongue.gif

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