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Cellular industry - 5 providers - do we now have a better choice?

Posted by: Sameer

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Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Virgin Mobile and now we have 8ta (Heita). Each time a new player enters the cellular market, we see changes, whether drastic or subtle. Bottom line, it seems there has to be a change in the industry before any company decides to make a more for the “better” of its clients.

All well said and observed, but what is it that we as consumers can actually do about this? I am afraid the answer is nothing. Unfortunately all we can do is hope that each new provider tries its luck at swaying customers from one provider to themselves, while at the same time also being attractive enough to sign up new customers. At the end of the day it gives us more choice, but also much more research work. Where you gain with one provider, you loose with another. It’s about needs rather than who is the best provider out there or even best service. Then again service is important and for some people it could be a major factor above other criteria. We as the consumer need to play the game (let’s call it a game). Gone are the days when you need to be loyal to a company for X amount of years, which in any event was mostly due to the fact that you had been locked to a specific cell number. Now you can actually move from one service provider to another with number portability (as hard as they try and make it).

A good rule to follow is to always check the market and change according to needs, while contracts can be reviewed every two years when upgrades are due (No one says that you have to upgrade with the same service provider)

Everyone has needs and expectations from service providers. Some prefer cheaper call rates; others prefer cheaper calls at nights and weekend and most prefer best phones for lowest subscriptions. Then again some only use data or sms bundles. There are now five service providers and there is bound to be something for someone. In fact, the price/service/quality war has just begun so keep an eye and play according to your needs and want, not according to one or two providers’s offering.

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written by OS GIKEN, November 05, 2010
Agreed there is nothing you can do about it. This new one, heita, lol is the brainchild of a governement is that spelt right? And as history proves, the black and white government never did anything, don't jump ship just yet. Yes they'll have campeigns that promise the world get free minutes if people from other networks call you...wait for it...CONDITIONS APPLY! What just said, if people call me, I get free minutes, what conditions can you add to discredit your statement. So if I'm on heita, and my buddy calls me from his vodacom number I want free minutes. LOL, I'm sure the condition will be something ludacrous like...they must talk to you for 5 mins and its only the 1st 3 times etc etc...we've seen this before, until there are 10 SP's in this won't even raise my eyebrow!

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