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Cellphone contracts – more for less?

Posted by: The Source

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The Source

I am finally upgrading my cellphone contract the end of this week.  I could have done it earlier in the month but wanted to wait for the extra incentive.  The voucher.

In South Africa we have become very spoiled by retail stores like Game and Makro who offer vouchers along with their entry level contracts.  When the new BlackBerry 8520 came out I started looking for this deal simply because I like getting something more out of a deal.  Not that paying R 149.00 pm and getting a BlackBerry with BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) included isn't a sweet deal to begin with.

For some reason non of the stores came out with a offer that includes a voucher.

That is until HiFi Corporation started offering a R 1 200.00 with every BlackBerry 8520 on a Vodacom Weekender contract.  The difference been that instead of R 149.00, you pay R 194.00pm.  So in actual fact you are paying for that voucher over a two year period.

I have had my problems with "grey" products been sold at HiFi Corporation but this time I feel safe.

  • I don't think Vodacom will provide them with "fake" BlackBerries
  • If I have a service problem I will still be dealing with Vodacom (we are always at their mercy)

The fact remain that no matter who provides you a voucher, the idea is not as much to give money away as it is to draw in new business and make more money.  Where you spend that voucher is also very important since you do not want to sit with products you do not trust.

So on what will I spend the voucher at HiFi Corporation?

A Transcend 1TB external hard drive with a built in cooler system. I recon that Transcend is a trustworthy brand since they have been involved with several of our (ITWeb's) conferences.  To my mind HiFi Corporation is a retailer that is selling their products.

If the product was a 1TB Diamond hard drive I would not be taking the deal.

Even when I know it isn't really a "free" voucher and that I am paying for it over two years, I am happy with the fact that I do not have to dish out R 999.00 to expand my data storage at home.  I am seeing it like buying it on budget.  This also brings me a step closer to converting my home PC into a media centre as the drive will be used to mainly store music and movies which is currently using up my 240Gb capacity.

Then there is R 201.00 left.

This will go towards a multi-plug system that has surge protection.  It would be such a waste if this great system I am building gets ruined because of another power spike.

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written by MikeZilla, October 27, 2009
Hmmmm.... 1Tb for R999 just sitting waiting for me at HiFi corp eish don't tempt me - must buy food, must buy food, must buy food
written by The Source, October 27, 2009
PC International has it for below R 700. Excluding the enclosure.

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