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Can you hear this?

Posted by: tally

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First time I heard of this I though it was a hoax (it was one of those cellphone download thingies where you had to pay to download it). But apparently there are really sounds only people younger than 25 can hear.

When the TV add claimed that "only certain people" could hear the sound, I assumed no one could and they were tricking you into downloadeding a blank mp3. So when I was browsing around digg earlier and saw a link to the famed sound I thought I would give it a try.

My ears exploded.

Not literally... but wow. Now I can see why it was - as the site I got the sound from explained - used as a teenager deterant to stop them loitering around shops.

The reason it was used to deter teenagers specifically is because the "certain people" who can hear the sound are all supposedly teenagers (well people younger than 25). Amazing.

The New York Times wrote an article on the technology a while ago. They explain that it works according to "presbycusis, or aging ear" - a natural inability to hear sounds above 8000 hertz as one heads towards middleage. An inability a Welsh company called Compound Security turned to its advantage when it invented the "Mosquito" - or teenager deterant.

However, that's not the only use that has been found for the sound. It has also been widely used as a ring tone - possibly because teachers and other annoying adults cannot hear it. It can also be adjusted to sound more interesting than a mozzie as demonstrated on this site.

So how about it... can you hear it?

Train Horn

Created by Train Horn

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written by Charmed, February 27, 2009
OS btw I can hear it...sounds like my ears are opening and then closing...I dont get a mosquito sound more like a when your ears were closed for some time, the sound you get when it opens agains!
written by tally1302, March 01, 2009
lol OS that is very different from what i hear, I hear a siren!

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