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Can someone help me get my blogs on Afrigator?

Posted by: OS GIKEN

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How do I promote my blogs? Ever since MyDL decided to give me 20c/hit I've seen a good money making opportunity on the horizon and decided I need to churn out digital blogs by the hour!(evil smile)

But how do I get my blogs on someone else's screen and not necessarily through MyDL? Afrigator, post link on Facebook, email to friends, what else? I've heard this stumble crap but I literally want to blog here once, and amazingly it must appear somewhere else as well!

I see DBS and Mike and many others have all kinds of links embedded in their do I get those into mine? The last time Charmed did a blog on the Afrigator thing she was deliberately vague (because if she was open, MyDL would be paying thousands in digis every month) as it was a mission to get to what she explained, dare I say it was difficult!

Can someone help me with a simple guide, an easy one, to get my blogs out there?

I think reading the **** For Dummies books have really lowered my expectation of instructions and difficulty levels...

OS over and out - give me a plain and simple Engewrish explanation of how to get my blogs out there...



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written by DBS, March 04, 2010
Well OS you sign up at the sites and they give you a bit of HTML code. You then put this code into the post and save it. I keep the codes in a notepad file on the desktop just open and cut and paste. Try it and see if the hits increase but remember it is not an overnight rise so keep at it. I also put a link to the post out on twitter using the public url for the post as a link. (oops am i giving all the secrets away?)
written by barrmar, March 04, 2010
You can increase your visibility on the search engines by using SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. This involves using key words (or phrases) in your post. You can use Google Adwords to check out which words or phrases bring get hit on the most. You have to repeat the key words three to four times - overuse of the key words puts you into the spam category.
You can use Twitter to post a link to each post - but if you are planning a post every hour your Twitter followers will either ignore you or stop following you.
written by barrmar, March 04, 2010
ps isn't this a digital post?
written by OS GIKEN, March 05, 2010
Yes this is a digital post and I did post it under digital, someone at MyDL obviously thought otherwise!

It sounds like too much work - I'll just have to churn them out on this side then!smilies/grin.gif
james rond
written by james rond, March 05, 2010 is the root of all evil.

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