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Buying Stuff Online Woop Dee Doo!

Posted by: DevilTrigger

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Within the next few months I am going to make my first online purchase. Ever. (I know thats ages away, but I got writers block dammit so I'm gonna write about this now). I needs me a graphics tablet, and those things are hard to come by in the real world, hence the decision to go online. I'm getting a Wacom Intuos4  small, and cannot wait. But as a virgin online buyer...what to do? Is it safe? Will my identity get stolen by some evil bastard who will use it to buy animal porn?


Of course not (I buy enough of that myself already, anyway), these are just normal fears I guess. I'm going to try, even though I've never heard of them before. Why? Because they're cheaper  (It's funny how even on the digital front, you find yourself hunting around for the cheapest crap from the cheapest place). It's actually rather amazing how big buying stuff online has become. Even though I'm going through with this, it still freaks me out that I'm handing out cash to someone for something I haven't had a chance to touch or poke a bit first.  How can you buy something you haven't poked yet? (Not counting newbie hookers).


It lacks the personal interaction of course, but it does make it up on the convenience and accessibility front. And thats what technology is all about right? Destroying the heart and soul of anything personal in favour of ease. Like you sms, for destroying the letter! And you Playstation, for making the next generation of kids fat and wear glasses instead of running around and killing stuff!


Why am I writing about that...I feel so old. Ugh. Goddammit I'm 22 not 82. No bitching about the good old days until I'm past 50.


Oh, sorry, I was writing a blog. Um..buying online, yes. Its scary, but I'm doing it anyway. Which is not that different to  watching animal porn.



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written by theamoeba, October 26, 2010
lol, buying online is a kind of scary thing to do... i suppose. i mostly only buy books online. but i always wonder if it is safe to buy stuff you have never touched.
written by RIC007GP, October 26, 2010
I buy quite a lot online. My kids are in the UK so it is a lot easier to buy them Birthday and Christmas presents as the online store delivers to their door. Most suppliers offer free or cheap delivery within the country which makes the purchases cost effective. Yes there is always the risk of identity theft, but just think about all the companies that have your personal information stored on their computers. You are already susceptible to identity theft so be brave and go for some online purchasing. Careful though you might get hooked. smilies/grin.gif
written by DevilTrigger, October 27, 2010
Lol rico why'd you have to go and put it in perspective like that. Yeah true, that happy dude at the bank may be just as suspect as the stranger online, but I think it's that personal element that gives a false sense of security. The faceless aspect of online shopping is what unsettles me. I am gonna do it though! Will report back

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