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Blackberry Torch 9800 Review

Posted by: DevilTrigger

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 This little berry is getting on in life, but seeing as it’s still the best one currently available and I just got my grubby claws on it, thought I’d throw down a review.  It’s not gonna be a long one, so don’t expect an in depth exclusive. Here are the specs, lazily linked:

So is Research In Motions first attempt at a touchscreen a hit or a miss? Well a bit of both actually. I’m admittedly not an Apple fanboy, even though I know they make some stellar (and ridiculously overpriced) products. To take a Jeremy Clarksonesque approach, buying Apple goods are like buying Porsches: sure they’re awesome, but they do make you look like a bit of a cock. When it came down to it though, I was either gonna get the Iphone 4 or the Torch, and lo and behold, I threw Apple my middle finger and went with the Torch, if only because of two reasons:

1)      I like everything about a touchscreen interface except the typing. It just sucks enormous donkey balls if you ask me and will never be better than a physical keyboard

2)      BBM and BIS. Every Goddamn slut these days has BBM, and it’s awesome. I had to jump on the bandwagon.

Now where to begin?

*How about the design, because it’s a great looking phone. It has some weight to it as a result of sporting the slide out qwerty, but I prefer feeling something hefty in my hand. It has the high ended business look, so that’s sure to please most.

*The new OS 6 is tonnes better looking than the older berries, and just has a much sleeker feel to it. On the home screen, you can have various menus customised to suite your needs, but in all honesty I only ever find myself using two.

*Camera is adequate at 5 megapixel, and have managed to take some decent snaps with it. Video recording is of VGA quality, and again gets the job done fairly well. The media centre is great as well, and all your pictures, videos and music are stored in a simple yet attractive layout.

*Seeing as music is one of the main things I use my phone for, I’m really pleased with it. Sound quality from the phone was great, but the headphones that came with the phone sound a bit meh.

*Browser was awesome, especially like the touchscreen pinch to zoom gestures, and the whole process is (after some slightly laggy page load times occasionally) great.

*The apps available are fairly good, but BB App World still needs some time to build up more stock, and also to lower the prices you money greedy pigs.

*For the final (and most positive point), the accessibility of this phone is stupendous. Spoilt for choice is the best way to describe it, as the combination of touchscreen, track pad and keyboard is second to none. Just feel like browsing through your pics and music? Phone closed and just using the touchscreen is fine. Wanna do some browsing? The track pad also doubles as your mouse. Need some hardcore texting done? Screw the on screen input and slide that baby up and type faster than anything out there. I cannot express fully how natural and easy and just plain awesome this phone is from a user perspective, and anything less after this will just feel empty.

Okay I’m done…with the good parts at least. I said this was a hit and miss phone, and after all those hits, how bad could the miss be? Oh a couple hundred bucks worth of miss actually, as the Torch is overpriced. Maybe a year or two ago, this would have been the best phone ever. But against the IPhone’s and Androids out now, this phone falls a bit flat. The processor? Sluggish when under pressure. The screen quality? Good, but not great. HD video recording? Nope. And here’s the rub, you’re paying premium for a phone that isn’t premium. It was supposed to be RIMS IPhone killer but it isn’t quite in the same league to challenge it yet.

Look at it this way: As a Class B Smartphone, I’d rate this 9 out of 10, for all the positive reasons above. Sadly, it was marketed to me as a Class A Smartphone, but for all the negative reasons above, I’d have to rate it a 7 overall.

The Torch 2 is apparently coming sometime later this year, sporting a 1.2Ghz processor, VGA screen resolution, and HD recording. I have read this elsewhere, but I must echo it, and THAT is what this original Torch should have been. I would have gladly called that a Class A Smartphone and donated it my 9 outta 10 rating, but sadly, RIM messed up. I love this phone, and hope the Torch line is continued and updated, but I do wish it was a little more than it was. Saddest part? When the Torch 2 drops, it’ll be in the same situation as this Torch, because those specs seem juicy now, but by the time it’s actually out, who knows what Apple and the Android guys would have done.

RIM need to stop following in a delayed fashion, and start to innovate again.

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written by prof818, April 20, 2011
You really should give swype a try. It is way faster than a physical cellphone keyboard. Not sure how I managed before it. It currently does have the world record for the fastest typed sms.
Btw, the Torch was not the first touch screen BB. I think it was the Storm 2
written by Howie2.0, April 20, 2011
You've hit it on the mark - I have a Blackberry Torch and its fantastic. The only problem I had initially was i could not login to BB appworld, that was until I changed the 'date and time' function to "automatic update" instead of "manual update" - then it worked!

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