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BlackBerry Bold2 9700 first impressions

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The Source

So finally the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 is in South Africa and this morning I played around with it for a bit.  First impressions - great phone!

This model is considered to be the high-end model of the BlackBerry range of smartphones and I would recommend it if you are currently in the market for a new phone or an upgrade.

First off the QWERTY keyboard is probably the best one yet.  They are "sculpted" and bigger than the ones found on the Curve range.  This model is also improved by the inclusion of the TrackPad as opposed to the previous track ball which it seems RIM has now laid to rest.  Which isn't a bad thing since the new technology is more responsive to your touch, thus making navigation on the phone easier.

It is all about sound

LOVE the sound on this phone.  We played the preloaded video and I actually turned the volume down because it was to loud.  Crisp and clear.

The screen

The display on the 9700 is super.  You have a light sensing display that gives you 480 x 360 resolution.  Took a few photos and they are even crisp when you use the zoom function.  This is mainly because you are now sitting with 245 pixels per inch - that is a lot of pixels, you can't even see it looking at the screen.

The best of the rest

The normal BlackBerry applications are still present which is running on the BlackBerry OS 5 version.

You have the full range of connection options via 3G, Edge, GPRS, Wi-fi and Bluetooth 2.1 and when you look under the hood you get a 624 MHz processor with 256 flash memory.  Built-in GPS to make finding your way around town easier on BlackBerry Maps.

The camera is 3.2MP with flash which can give you great photos and also serves as a video recorder.

It comes out with a 2Gb microSD card and can support up to 16Gb.  Now if only I can find a retailer who actually stock a 16Gb card at a reasonable price.  That would simply make my day.


I like the exterior with its leather back cover and fretted QWERTY keyboard.  It is marketed as a high end phone and it looks the part.

We still have the convenient keys on the sides but you will not find the media keys at the top as with the Curve 8520.  The convenient keys are sturdy and an improvement on the previous model, we saw this upgrade on the new Storm 2 as well.

NOTE TO BlackBerry South Africa

Please makes sure I do not get one to review.  Every time I tell you that I am not going to give it back and every time... I give it back when I am done.

This time I will keep it, do not test me!

I will no longer take part in this sick practice where I review it for a month, fall desperately in love with it only to have you crush my soul when you collect it again.

I am now a BlackBerry owner and I am finally at peace...



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written by Lun, January 15, 2010
lmg junior
The Source
written by The Source, January 16, 2010
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