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Black Power Information Act

Posted by: thenack

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In the light of the communist like Nazi laws the ANC are trying to impose on our media, I believe we need a different approach. What can you as a normal blogger do?

What I suggest is using places like Afrigator to get the support of other African bloggers. There are some pretty good blogs in places like Nigeria and Zambia. I think if all of us go and visit some African blogs, get them to come to ours and read about this rediculous law. The ANC won't listen to those white tendencies coming from the USA and Europe. We need black power on this one. Viva freedom of speech! (but lets try and keep it smart, tidy and inteligent, get the african intelectual involved in this)



Its NEW, Its Clever, Its Different!

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written by OS GIKEN, September 06, 2010
LOL dude...those guys must first sort out their own issues...malicia, fallen regimes,child soldiers all that info bill compared to that...damn!

But anyhoo like I told Dissol in his post...its astonishing that these ANC fools would actually propose something like that...they did NOT come up with that i can guarantee you that. Someone much more cleverer came up with that!
written by thenack, September 06, 2010
Maybe Lollie Jackson, Bret Kebble and Shabir Shackatack is ruling the country from a suite in the palace at sun city. Between the 3 of them it seems they must have the whole kabinet by the short hairs?smilies/tongue.gif

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