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'Best Friend'

Posted by: Phoenix Benedict

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Phoenix Benedict

Review: 14 February 2011
Artists: 50 cents and Olivia
Song: 'Best Friend'

Lovely song with a hypnotic groove yet although Olivia's poppy voice is nothing new, the unusual melodic utterances of 50 cents, are new! I know I'm all for hiphop male artists exploring their feminine (ie melodic) side in terms of showcasing a more substantial art palette. Yet - and I don't normally say this - it's actually far better if 50 cents would rather just stick to rapping, with his intermittent 'ah ha' and 'come on now's instead of the farty tunes he squeezed out here that are actually barely in time, not even in tune and sung like a teen lost on crack.

Please guys, check your playbill and get proper training when your a so-called professional.

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