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Battle of the Netbook OS...

Posted by: Faheemazizm

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The netbook can sometimes be a pain, if your not the type of person to waste alot of time installing windows 7 via a USB, then Linux is the popular OS for you.. But the question (if your tech savvy) is what Linux Distro to pick?

Well in experience I've tried 3, along with having Windows 7, i also dual booted and tried 3 other Linux Distro's: Jolicloud, Ubuntu Netbook Remix and Moblin

Lets begin with Moblin: Mobilin is the perfect OS for a low-spec Netbook, in truth i don't think my desktop Quad Core could run as fast (or seem as fast on the GUI) with Windows 7 as this OS, BUT the truth of the matter is its hardware support isn't top knotch just as yet, i myself own a HP Compaq Mini 110, the first thing i noticed is that the WI-Fi drivers did not work out of the box, after much googling i solved the problem, but this is not what i want from a OS. I ended up deleting this partition, because this OS seemed to emulate a happy looking crappy phone then doing anything, the browsing i also found slower for some reason.

Moblin OS Screen Shot

Ubuntu Netbook Remix: Now i have always been an Ubuntu supporter, heck my first distro on Linux was Ubuntu, but again a couple bugs, for 1 my pc's boot time and general CPU usage was too high for my liking, the desktop itself was pleasing but offered nothing more than a drained Ubuntu interface, i won't say it was bad, i just say it's not the best option for your Netbook, well not yet.. perhaps in the future i will swop over to it, but its high hardware requirements at the same time does not make it a Netbook special

Jolicloud: Now this OS (not to be biased) was something else, the boot time was less then 5 seconds, the fact that it embodied a fast and sexy interface attracted me, looking deeper i do wish more applications were available like Ubuntu, but hey why complain, it does the work of a netbook on steroids, the easy access to 3G and Wi-Fi impressed me and the overall drivers and codecs pre-installed totally made my PC experience one of ease, so look no further if you need a Netbook OS then to Jolicloud.

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written by Charmed, February 28, 2011
Welcome to myDL! Hope to see more tech posts!
written by thenack, February 28, 2011
Nice post, I bought my wife one of these HP netbook jobbies with the Atom processor. Windows 7 on there seems to have a few ferrits missing.

My point is thus, my wife no tech talkie (at all, shes one of those people that talk about "THE GOOGLE"), I can't put anything other than Windows, but it seems to have a few extra bugs, have you had a look at improving windows on the netbook?

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