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Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize - Hot topic around the globe

Posted by: The Pianist

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The Pianist
After 9 months in presidency, Obama receives a Nobel Prize.  Some praise this, some slate it.  My personal thoughts on this matter - I want to see his plans succeed, then I will give a standing ovation.  But there is a reason for this award happening, and I look forward to seeing what it is.

Obama-mania has been a global focus for quite some time.  His dog's breed has made a fortune due to the White House' new hound.  Fashion statements have been redefined, and the words "Yes we Can" will be a trademark soon.  Obama won the award for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples".  However, Iran are still shooting off nuclear weopons and a bomb went off in Pakistan today.  Efforts have been made by many people conquer both these problems, but no one has succeeded.  I understand the critics concerns about Norway's highest accolade, however, there might be a method in this move.

Obama leads the leading world power.  USA's crashing economy, crashed the world's economy.  Their changes to society in general usually have a ripple effect.  Obama's election put faith back into this leading power, and perhaps by making him a prime example by bestowing this award on him, will eventually lead to much needed peace and the end of nuclear weoponary.  So perhaps the Noble Peace Prize, is a tool versus a reward, which will make give it double the power it has.

The world is a changing place.  People evolve, times evolve, awards evolve, and ways to gain peace have to evolve.  Mother Teresa, a recipient of this award herself thirty years ago, stated, "i will not fight war, I will march for peace".  This perspective changed people's minds about dealing with conflict.

I will definitely find a place to watch the prize giving in Oslo, on television.  And I hope that this award was not given in vain, and that Obama's plan of a nuclear free environment together with co-operative countries, succeed.  I do not mean to sound like Kanye West, but next year, I hope Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai gets the award.  The man deserves it.  However, possibly, so does Obama.
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written by AbortRetryFail, October 09, 2009
Has a Nobell prize ever been withdrawn? For doing something to invalidate rthe award? Like a scicence award if the reason it was given turns out to be untrue, or a man of peace causing deaths in war? Like a war in iraq/afghanistan?
written by Dissol, October 10, 2009
While I admire Obama, and am hugely impressed with the dismantling of some of the awful excesses of the Bush regime, I think that the award of the Noble Peace prize is premature, to say the least. Further, it goes against the spirit, and history of the award, which has always been given in recognition of actual achievements, and not ideals, or promises... I think he may in the end have done enough to warrant receiving one, but not yet...

It can actually weaken the whole process and actual awards.
written by OS GIKEN, October 12, 2009
Nobel peace prizes are overrated anyway...who wants 'em nowadays when you can get an MTV award or a VMA??? :grin :grin
written by The Pianist, October 12, 2009
LOL OS hahaha i'm with yousmilies/grin.gif

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