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Bafana shirts - R200 or R599?

Posted by: OS GIKEN

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Tomorrow is the kick off…so many Bafana shirts were bought in support of this initiative, this day, this moment. Yesterday I bought my Bafana shirt…from a street vendah! Yes, it looks and feels real, smells new, came in a package with an Adidas emblem on and had a Totalsports price tag on!


So, one may ask…where did the street vendah get a Bafana shirt with a Totalsports price tag attached? No, one does not ask such questions! Because if the price tag says R599 and the street vendah says R200…you take his/her word for it, make the exchange and scramble before someone gets to their senses and realize that gross pricing irregularities are taking place.


First off, no one believed me when I told them the shirt is real! Apart from one mistake…the South Africa name in the Protea is spelt South Afrioa…the “c” in Africa was overstitched, making it look like an “o” – nothing a little rip in that “o” can’t fix to make it look like a “c” again! I’m thinking these shirts are the factory rejects, like Levi’s use to do and then sold the rejects off for under R200 a piece. I’m telling myself this is the theory and I’m sticking to it!


Fake Bafana shirts

So, I went and put my name at the back, and came home anxiously fitting it on…a bit tight hey! I felt like Bennie as the shirt was extremely tight for an XL! So I gave it to wifey as the name on the back of the shirt was “Turner in the 18 area” so it doesn’t really matter who wears it, as long as it’s a Turner!


Today, I went back for a XXL…while I was there…I also had orders from folks at work! I spent R1000 for 5 shirts! The street vendah didn’t want any negotiations…he said R200 is the lowest he’ll go. I got cocky and pulled that move that everyone says you should pull when bargaining with a street vendah, I gave all 5 shirts back and asked for the money, lol, he gave my money back and I was left hanging. I finally gave in and took the 5 shirts for R1000!


Real Bafana shirt

I left it at the printing shop now so just awaiting their call, I’ll fit it on immediately and hopefully it will sit nice and loose!

Point is...the fake or reject version, is R200 and the original version is R599...but the R200 version looks like the R599 version! Which one is best, which one is better value?

OS over and out – bargaining with a street vendah works at times, well most times, but this time, when their demand is so high, they can afford to say no to clients who feel that they can squeeze out that extra R50 form the final price!

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written by Jayo, June 10, 2010
My XXL barely fits....

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