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Bafana Bafana to field 48 million vs Mexico no contest

Posted by: MikeZilla


Afrigator image I was having a look around the net this morning and the only thing I know for sure is that no one knows who’s going to win this world cup. No one knows how many goals will be scored. No one knows who’ll be the top scorer (Kinda like top blogger but  for fit people) No one know who the shock first round exit will be (there’s always one) No one knows anything.

One Mexican one bullet-kick

The whole world is holding it’s collective breath as South Africa count down the minutes and seconds to the kick off of a footballing fairytale. Not even 20 years ago the world would not take the same field as us. Now we host the planet. The pressure seems almost unbearable at times. Thankfully for our boy in yellow and green for the first time in my life I see an outpouring of support like no other. An outpouring that has lifted the nation. Brought the country together almost without exception. When the tournament starts a little later I have no doubt when Bafana Bafana start to feel the weight of expectation later today. When the Mexicans push against our defences, the lads will feel the power of a united South Africa lifting them to push back and push back harder. Ours is a country not easily subdued.

Ke Nako

So later this historic day, take some time to look at the faces in the crowd. Feel the vibration of the crowd. Tune out the rest of the world and feel what it means to be African. Live what it means to be South African. 26.3 Billion people are watching us.


I know that no one knows who’ll win this tournament or any of that other footballing trivia that will keep the pub experts busy for years to come.


I do know that I love this country. I do know that I am completely overcome by this event. I do know that pretty soon you will be too. I know that.


Oh and something in my gut says Bafana Bafana beat Mexico 3-1 today. But don’t hold me to that.






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written by ShackledMuse, June 13, 2010
The atmosphere in the streets right before the opening ceremony started nearly brought tears to my eyes. Even the managers of Pick 'n Pay and Ackermans were out there, blowing their Vuvuzela's. And I was part of it all...

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