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Automatic Installation of your favourite apps

Posted by: naeemcoza

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Being the go-to IT geek in our automotive business means every few  weeks some genius on our sales floor will take it upon himself to destroy their workstations.  Either by watering it down with flat Pepsi or by simply using it as a foot tapping device.

We're what you could call an SMME, which is another word for saying we bootstrap much of the stuff we do and so far we've had great results :)

Whatever their reasoning, I regularly end up formating their workstations and (silver lining) take great pleasure in deleting their latest CD rips of Bieber, Gaga and Bump Volume 324.  

Alas with each new format, one has to include various programs to make things easier and more efficient  For starters Internet Explorer has to go. My normal procedure is installing some sort of anti spyware, Firefox, PDF utilities to print to pdf and to view pdf's, skype, etc.

If you had to do this yourself, I'd say you'll waste about an hour or more repeatedly pressing the Proceed button and agreeing to various agreements for each of these programs.

Enter:  Ninite

Ninite offers you the ability to bundle your favorite applications into one single EXE file which will then download and install them onto your PC while you catch up on 4chans latest posts.
Available for your favourite Windows and Linux applications.

Navigate to and simply tick off the applications you require. They have the best of the best and categorized them accordingly. From browsers to security and much more.

In my case, i selected:
Firefox, Chrome, Skype, CutePDF, Foxit Reader, Open Office, Malware Bytes, Spybot, Dropbox, 7Zip, Teracopy and CC Cleaner.

After you have selected the programs you require,  download & run the little installation file, normally about 200 to 300kb's.  Remember Ninite will DOWNLOAD all of these programs from their respective repositories and if your bandwidth is limited or slow, this could take a while and cost you some megabytes. 

One could complain that it would be easier for you to download one large install file and use that as your master-installation file however you could end up using this a few months later and not have the latest version. I'd rather waste some bandwidth but have the latest version of these applications.

On my 6meg adsl line all of the above programs took about 10 minutes from start to end. 

All in all, Ninite is an invaluable tool and have used it dozens of times.  I'd happily pay a few rands to use this if they ever charged for this.

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written by Charmed, March 18, 2011
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