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Author's are you a CONMAN or HITMAN, I'm both dude!!

Posted by: OS GIKEN

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I feel a huge blog beef coming, the terrible two, namely Tally1302 and Salambander are out on a rampage trying to spoil the fun I am having, in between claiming hundreds and pondering on my theories that are usually 100% correct, I am gob smacked at the attack that these two girls have some how conjured while probably sipping red wine and talking about how boring MyDL has become.

I for one am not on this whole bandwagon on dictating how citizens should write, even if they are authors. Listen to Tally's Word  on Radio DL, typical journalistic instinct she exudes, damn guys, if you have a smidgen of CONMAN in you, run, run for you digital life!

We have had different opinions on our "Same sh*t blogs", not that I love to be different, but I love to challenge decisions made that are normally of habitual nature and conflicting with my money! I need someone to help me fight this, if not, I will go at it alone, I did not study journalism, nor can I differentiate a newbie's piece from an author's, but when it comes to standing for what I believe, I will do it.

I feel I am a CONMAN and a HITMAN, I blog both for the sake of writing and for money, why else will TB and 'em come up with this idea? It is agreed that once your an author your style and finesse should not drop, but we cannot dictate how people should write, not at all.

I have a challenge for team "writing rocks" (Tally and Salambander) rather than describe a CONMAN or a HITMAN, why not name them, I am sure I am one of the two, I am sure when anyone listened to Tally's Word, they immediately started looking at themselves and wondered, so who are they referring to, who did they base it on, what do I fall in?

I have rewritten Digital history by coming up with theories that was not only tested by the President, they were true 100% of the time, authors feel left out when they make little money and others get to claim huge amounts, for some the money is nothing, heck, they don't even know they can claim, for some it really is just about the writing!

Writing does rock people and we all rock as a family on MyDL, trying to separate the CONMEN from the HITMEN is a big no-no in my opinion, I would love to know who they are, it seems that with the growth of MyDL comes the inevitable phase it going through a POLITICAL debacle, this must be so and that must be so, citizens, just let it be, you can't force anything on here, there will be trends, there will be citizens who only blog for money *looks in the mirror* there will be citizens trying to make a change, but we must not forget MyDL is for us, so keep it like that please!

The OS is outie and like I said before, it's not about the money anymore; it has now become a WORDSMITH tournament.


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written by Nalayrag, October 24, 2007
Nice post Oso! Your "writing" has improved dramatically since joining MyDL, in both spelling and grammar. Well done dude and keep it up. smilies/wink.gif

Can't say the same about your tact or finesse though. Hahahahaha... :p
written by tally1302, October 24, 2007

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