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Audio Branding and Sports: IAAF July 2011

Posted by: Phoenix Benedict

Tagged in: Vangelis , Star Wars , sports , music , John Williams , IAAF , Hollywood , Ben Hur , audio branding , Areva

Phoenix Benedict

It's uncanny how music has become an indelible feature of the Areva Diamond League this year. Before every athletic race a low, thickly textured Vangelis bass sounds as a sonic signifier for the audience to quiet down. Besides acting as a 'sign to silence' it also acts as expectation creator, like the soundtrack to an epic movie. During important races 'Ben Hur' type orchestral and choral soundtrack bits would be played while the race would be run. Another favorite is John Williams' evergreen Main Title to the iconic 'Star Wars' movie. Hence it can be argued that sports stars have attained the same mythical status as legends and Hollywood stars, with the same type of myth-creating soundtracks being used not only in sport adverts but also at sporting events.

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