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Audio branding and Artists (Wycliffe Jean, Kylie Minogue and Hurts)

Posted by: Phoenix Benedict

Phoenix Benedict

Each artist has a specific sound, also known as an audio brand. Here are some artists I selected from this weekend's MTV breakfast show. I am surprised at some artists' lack of memorability regarding their audio brand. 

Artist: Wycliffe Jean (2010)
Song: 'Gone Till November' (Music Video, MTV)
This song contains poor lyrics, lack of proper poetic rhyme scheme, performed by an extremely weak vocal texture, containing a lack of pitch centre, suggesting lack of diaphragm work needed to actually sing. And why are there only black people in video? A plus point is a Classic mainstream arrangement though with string section and brass riffs. Unfortunately all I remember after hearing this song is not the tune or the rhythmic riff but rather something vague about November... This song could have been so much more if the melodic features were actually thought out, integrated and sung by a melodic artist as opposed to a rapper/hip hop artist trying to change lanes. Mr Jean should perhaps rather focus on his political career.

Artist: Kylie Minogue (2010)
Song: 'All the lovers in the world' (Music Video, MTV)
Surprising lack of musical hook, yet still effective synthesized audio brand feature. Fascinating music video with expanding pyramid of underwear clad erotica homo/hetero/bisexual images in midst of urban hills. Pity about lack of melodic hook. Musically not very memorable.

Artist: Hurts (2010)
Song: 'Wonderful life' (Music Video, MTV)
Incredibly succesful merge between musically masculine and feminine energies: strongly rhythmic, repeated melodic patterns in the Chorus, merged with effective melodic ornamentation in verses. Colourful instrumental arrangement including acoustic sax, distortion guitar, synthesized chordal and lead features based on a very groovy rhythmic nexus at a steady fast pace. Fabulously faux 80's music video. Perfectly wonderful!

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