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Are we retarded? What makes a blogger a blogger?

Posted by: tally

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This picture is's top digg of the day - a satiracle look at the world we live in now:


With the internet and all this new digital stuff comes a lot of awesomeness... but also a lot of trash. I think it's something us bloggers have to be especially aware of... just because we *can* let everyone know exactly what we're doing/thinking/(eating?)... doesn't mean we *should* (or that anyone is really interested).

It's a topic I return to again and again with regards to mydl. What makes a blogger a blogger? Is it the fact that they have access to a computer and can simply sit all day typing if they desire? Or is it more than that? Is a blogger someone who has something specific to say (some point to make, some mind to change or inspire) and finds a good way of saying it. I think... perhaps it is a lot like cooking (to continue with the breakfast theme).

In days of old, not everyone could cook - ingredients were not widely available. Now anyone (even me in my little studenty flat) can go down to PnP, get some ingredients and toss them onto a stove. But that doesn't mean that I should. For example, I should never have attempted pancakes.

I think it's true that anyone can be a blogger in our digital age. Not only is it true, it's wonderful. But blogging is more than just writing stuff down on a page somewhere on the internet (or twittering on about your breakfast). To continue with the food comparison (and borrow from Disney's Ratatouille):

"In the past, I have made no secret of my disdain for Chef Gusteau's famous motto: Anyone can cook. But I realize, only now do I truly understand what he meant. Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere."

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written by Bianca212, February 26, 2009
This is mandibleclaw BTW.

Isn't the fact that anyone can publish whatever they want, whenever they want the whole idea behind blogging?

In the beginning blogdom most blogs were of the 'here's what I did today type'. I'm also pretty sure this is the case now. That's why blogging has such wide appeal.

What's changed is that we've grown tired of reading some poorly written mindless drivel especially when other blogs offer better.

Apologies if this comment sounds slightly bitter. :grin
written by redsaid, February 26, 2009
Agreed! Theoretically, it seems that anyone who is fairly literate and has access to the Internet, can indeed have a blog and be a blogger. But not everyone can blog well. Just as not everyone who insists on singing and enjoy it can necessarily sing at all. (As those of us who have watched Idols know all too well.)

The bloggers whom I admire and follow (and who invariably get book deals!) all have one thing in common. No, they don't all blog about the same topic. In fact, the topics they blog about couldn't be more random and varied. But all the blogs I love are well written, grammatically correct and consistently on topic and on schedule. (In short, just about everything I lack in my own blogs! :grin) So I've found whether you blog about knitting or horse riding or your secret career as a high end call girl, as long as you put display some skill, you will have readers! So by all means write about what you had for breakfast, but for heaven's sake, then do it in a compelling way! :grin

That being said... I'm all for discretion!
written by The Source, February 26, 2009
I love the comic :grin
written by mysehnsucht, February 27, 2009
OS btw...
I agree with Mandibleclaw blogging was a kind of digital or electronic diary at first! Then people started using it for wider apeal!

Anyone should be allowed to blog, that is why MyDL has an authorship for those who write good! For those who don't, they don't get to share the profits, company principals 101...
written by Catz, February 27, 2009
This is Charmed.

I also tend to agree with mandibleclaw. The whole idea behind a blog is to write whatever you want.

If you take MyDL for example, we pay people to blog so therefore blogging about what you had for breakfast doesnt cut it.

I dont read every single blog here on mydl because I know what certain people blog about and if its not to my liking, I dont visit.

You have the same choice. Dont read blogs if you're not happy with that type of content it spews out.

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