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Apple and its patents vs. HTC and the people.

Posted by: OS GIKEN

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If, like me, you are for change, freedom, voice and innovation, you'd have noticed the public spat between Apple and HTC. To give you a short and narrower version, Apple sued HTC because HTC violated some of Apple's iPhone patents. The word violated correlates with wrong doing, illegal obsession, and forced action. I'm not going into the lawsuit but rather I'll focus on my unimpressed feelings towards Apple!

Pinpoint patents to its originator.

The wheel, the round thing that allows something on it to move from one point to another, cannot be pinpointed to a definitive creator! Can the liquid display technology be pinpointed to a definitive creator? Can the button be pinpointed to a definitive creator? More still, can the speaker into which one speaks be pinpointed to a definitive creator? Apple listed tons of patents that it believes HTC have used in their phones that is a direct copy of iPhone's patented products. For more info on this read here.

I understand patented law, but the shape of the iPhone has been replicated by many other phone manufacturers. The touch screen ability was the iPhone's baby, or not! We can argue that it’s never been used in a phone… yes, but what about the early, very early Palms? I have to say as much as I hate to admit it, Apple is right here, they have patented a product, and this means no one else can use it without Apple's consent. If something looks like an iPhone, one has to start asking questions... HTC and Google are partners with their Nexus1 looming as Apple iPhone's biggest competitor yet...the plot thickens!

HTC and the people.

The people of Google love innovation. HTC prides itself of 13 years worth of HTC specific innovation, like smart phones even way before every 7th grade child had the inkling know how of Tweeting on a touch screen phone that does everything, which is essentially a smart phone. Since their partnership, Apple's Steve Jobs has been rambling about Google and Apple having their own territories, their own agendas. Basically he wants them to stay where they are, and allow Apple to stay where it is...

Apple's under carpet move.

If two businesses that have never been seen as competitors exist in a market where their buyers use the same product scope, there can only be harmony! People use Google more than Bing, or MSN or whatever other search engine you would suggest to them. Now, they can use said Google on a phone, even better, an iPhone! To me business sense comes into play where you figure out ways to expand and delve into markets you are not known to show an interest in. The bookies could not predict this. But the Nexus1 will be built by HTC...what collaboration! Google and HTC gunning for the top stop, which so happens to be held by non other than Apple's iPhone.

iPhone vs. Nexus1

This is where the problem comes into play - Google does search, Apple does the things that allow Google to be used, like PC's and the ever popular - iPhone. Two distinct markets but the same scope and dare we say the same kind of client? A great business move by Google to go out and get its own phone! A complete under carpet move is to throw your toys from your cot and ramble on about Google stepping into their market etc. A free market is a free one!
I want people to feel threatened.

As a consumer, I would love to see what the Android can offer - just like many other phones; it will evolve and who knows, maybe overtake the iPhone in sales and popularity! A weak move by Jobs has to beg the they feel threatened? iPhone is clearly a revolutionary product, with Samsung and Nokia still struggling to find their feet to deal with the shrinking non-touch screen market, which they dominate! Their touch screen offerings were poor to say the least!
Apple and Google owners

OS over and out - Apple has the right to feel done over by patent infringements, its their ideas and thus they own it. But HTC, partnered with Google, has the right to come up with a similarly competitive offering. Jobs is trying to stall the Nexus1's take off in my opinion! With their poor release offerings(iPhone without 3G, one with 3G, one with WiFi) being their achilles heel, but at the same time brilliant, let's not forget the iPad with no battery replacement ability(want to bet in 2011 we'll see an iPad with a replaceable battery - only from Apple?) also showing a trend of their sneaky yet dubious release strategies, I think this patent issue is a keep iPhone would-be buyers and current users from jumping ship in an attempt at finding something different!

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The Source
written by The Source, March 16, 2010
I have often wondered why Apple has never ventured into the search field with their own product. Maybe because they always felt secure with Google being there and they could just hop unto the wagon.

Maybe they are feeling insecure? Android to the mobile platform could be what Open Source CMS is to web developers. Power moves to the general public and I think Apple doesn't like this. So gun for the guys making the phone.

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