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And so it begins...

Posted by: Mqhedlana

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I'm not sure what people are supposed to blog about on this site but for now (that is, until I am more schooled in the art of picking great topics) I think I'll blog about things I know something about.

Like... Back To School for all tertiary institution goers.  Thus far it's been great. But it's only been that first week. You know the one where they ease you into the workload? They make you feel like you can do it and by that Friday, you're convinced you can  do it without completely losing your social self.  So that weekend you chill and relax, maybe do a little partying oblivious to the fact that it may be your last party or chill session without the dreaded "sword of academia" hanging over your head. Because from Monday onwards, anytime you decide to take a break, "hang out" or "party it up" with your freinds, there'll be that constant voice (usually your lecturer's) in the back of your mind spoiling your mood.

"You have that tutorial to hand in." "There's that essay you need to finish." "How's your term project going? It's due next week." "And your readings?"

Maybe it's just me. But until (semester or end-of year) exams are over, the 'voices' don't leave you. You'll almost go crazy. And on the verge of that cliff called Sanity, the voice of freedom calls your name and you hang on until exams are over. And you have peace... Only to do it all over again the next semester/year.

Aah... The things we do for education.

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written by The Source, February 12, 2010

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