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ANC Undignified

Posted by: thenack

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Tohyo Sexwale recently made the following statements about the whole Zuma vs Mbeki debacle in Cape Town.

"The ANC needs to find a "far more dignified" way of dealing with the succession issue.

"What we are seeing with the Zuma/Thabo Mbeki debacle is less than dignified,"

"I think we can do better. Beware also the law of unintended consequences. Things may just snap."

 "just go back, take stock and ask 'how did we get here?'

"How do people burn a t-shirt with Thabo Mbeki's face on it on behalf of Zuma? I don't understand. I've known both of them for 30 years."

That just shows you the mentality of the people on the street. The Zuma supporters. They want a fight, they need someone to blame for their troubles so they won't have to actually do something about it.

Thabo Mbeki should just push the prosecution of Zuma, but I fear Zuma is being stupid. If he pushes too hard, he may just bring his own house of cards down.

Shame on all the ANC for getting so hyped up on this thing. It's not a freakin party, is a country that needs a government.

Tokyo for presedent

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written by Liquid circle, November 29, 2007
Te best would be for the 2 parties within the anc to break away from eachother, so that we can go on being democratic. Zuma is an idiot but he is a very smart idiot and seeing that the ma*ses are idiots too, they all vote for him.

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