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@ANC or @DA...the not so secret Tweelective Ballot!

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Yesterday, 18 May, dawned quite an exciting day, the municipal elections. Logging onto twitter I was bombarded with wonderful and very forceful suggestions on where to put the (x). No need for those expensive poster campaigns or paying premiums for broadcasting advertising space when the public markets you for free!


The African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) were also jumping on the social networking bandwagon, utilising the platform to answer any questions that might come their way from the twitterverse. The DA, in true middle-class concerned spirit, tweeted 2985 times while poor ANC tweeted only 1100 times. The ANC utilised only one twitter profile while DA had multiple personalities tweeting in their personal capacity. This move from the DA leads Social Media authorities to believe that no more journos will have to deal with the “no comment” and slowly political parties will be forced to be more transparent towards the people.


It’s pretty exciting that South African politics is taking social media more seriously, especially the increase in popularity of smartphones and BlackBerrys.  Current trending topics of the day in Johannesburg were #vote, #IEC and #ifyoulethelenzillewin.  It seems that the general consensus was not to keep votes secret, and that could mean big things for campaigns. I wonder if Mandela will attempt next time to keep his vote secret, I’ll be sure to check @Madibz and I’ll get back to you with a confirmation. However,  #ifyoulethelenzillewin we could be guaranteed perhaps some exciting tweets sent our way:


@HelenZille I’m just ACROSS the room. BRB & #KISS…@DLillz

@Juju Shame, was it coz she was racist? RT @DLillz: @HelenZille I’m just ACROSS the room. BRB & #KISS…@DLillz


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