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ANC - leading idiots into government.

Posted by: OS GIKEN

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ANC - if there are more than 15 clever people in the ANC at any point in time I'd like to know who they are. The things ANC affiliates do is just mind boggling. Anywhere else in the world, a simple case like Malema's would have been solved already and Malema would be on his knees asking for the job back crying "I'll give the pennies back, I'm promise"

If you have watched the press conference of Malema, or just caught a quick glimpse at it on the news, you would see that everyone sitting beside Malema looks inundated with what's going on around them, they look lost, they look stupid, they don't look like the kind of people you'd want to make decisions with.

In the private sector it takes years of experience to get to a position that Malema and his cronies are in. Talking to people who can't count is simple. I never had respect for the ANC, but now I'm beginning to lose my mind hearing the things they are debating about - it's impossible to talk to people who can't even answer you're questions.

"You are still listed as director of more than 3 companies", "No, absolutely untrue, the newspapers that sleep with a, b and c and the mine owners who have crooked deals made that up". "Sir...erm, it's listed on the company details, their organizational structure, their annual reports, in black and white - you are still a director", "No, the papers were forged" 

That whole conversation is as good as this one;

"You are still listed as director of more than 3 companies", "No, my sockses is reds and my trunkses are, is yellow" Speaking to Malema must be very difficult, because he makes no sense at all, trying to be clever all the way. By this time next month the news headlines will have other news on the front page, this possible crime would have been forgotten never mind the facts in front of all of us. If anyone in the ANC says "no, it’s not true" it’s forgotten right there.

It's actually a sad affair, I thought George Dubya was an idiot, at least he could speak and hold a conversation, do yourselves a favour, if you see Julius Malema on TV, in a paper or him the middle finger, because stupid people in any power deserve nothing less!

OS over and out!



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The Source
written by The Source, February 24, 2010
Well I do not have any faith in the people who support him and place him in power.

Clearly they believe in him and that is even scarier.
written by photonz, February 24, 2010
I agree with The Source. Why does the electorate keep voting these people in? In a democracy, a country always gets the government it wants, so a bad government in a democracy is surely a reflection on the electorate? Or am I wrong?
written by Charmed, February 25, 2010
Don't know if you saw my shoutbox message - please mail me your postal address asap! Thanks
written by RudiM, February 26, 2010
These days I just watch Malema for the sheer comedy of it. To think that he leads the ANC youth.... O boy....
written by photonz, March 01, 2010
So OS, you say you hate my country - why on earth? Did you have a bad experience when you visited us?

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