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All these new phones!

Posted by: OS GIKEN

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In my current position, I get nice perks, like free phone and free airtime, and everything over that freeness is subtracted from my salary. So I never really worried about the phone market for the past year and a couple of months. Then, I saw an iPhone! Now those who know me, know that I was lambasting the iPhone for all its worth and basically saying Steve Jobs is the devil.

I don't think anyone can comprehend how much I want an iPhone, even more, how much I want an iPad! I've been looking at contracts, but since my last ordeal with the contract...we've added up, I probably paid close to R40 000 in cell phone charges alone since Jan 2009 till now from my MTN cell phone contract and my work phone going over its limit! And what makes it worse, is that my Omnia, rest in peace, was stolen about a year ago, and no, I didn't think cell phone insurance was necessary! So I've been paying off a phone that was stolen, we are basically just using the sim card with the supposed free minutes, or free R200 p/m charged per minute which equates to MTN's R3 per minute or something like that...can you now see how I'm being analy raped by a cell phone company?

We've vowed to get my wife a cheaper contract and a newish phone since her current Nokia is way past its meeting with the grim reaper of the cell phone realm. But with the amount of phones on the market, its totally ridiculous how many phones now seem attractive. Like I said, I haven't been paying attention to the phone game since Jan 2009!
I've decided I'll surprise wifey with a BlackBerry with the free internet, because that's all she needs! And I'll buy myself a second hand iPhone and just use my work sim card for free airtime! A second hand iPhone that's still in good nick, meaning the screen works and everything else works, goes for about R2500-3000. I'll just get me a white cover and then I'll buy the APPS I so dearly want/need!

What phones out there, compared to the blackberry, the cheapo, are really any good?

Os over and out - not being in this phone game has really made me wonder, have they solved all the issues with the touch screens since Jan 2009? Must I still lock myself into a contract AGAIN for 2 years after this horrible experience I just went through? Is it cheaper, or easier to rather buy airtime then to have a contract?


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written by Dissol, September 06, 2010
I have enjoyed using an iTouch so much in recent months, that I shall probably replace my existing (useless HTC Diamond Pro) phone with an iPhone. But I shall look VERY carefully at all the options before jumping. I would not buy a second hand phone...the batteries in phones are all pretty crap anyway, and worse, the battery in the iPhone is more difficult that most to replace. These devices are designed to have a limited life...and I cannot afford to have a phone that lets me down.

All my essential gadgets are covered, as named items, on my house insurance, and as I have not claimed on that for something like 12 years, the premiums are bearable. I am afraid that I have limited sympathy with people that try to save money by not insuring (or even putting money aside for their own 'insurance'). Yes insurance is the biggest scam in the Western World, and SA insurers are some of the worst of the bunch... But, I don't expect sympathy when I tell people what my monthly premiums are... My view is, if you cannot afford the insurance...then you cannot afford the device in the first place. Too many people are driven to purchase by aspirational marketing, and they don't bother to do the back of a ciggy packet calculations...
The Source
written by The Source, September 06, 2010
You should try and find someone going to Dubai.

You can get a new iPhone or BB for more than half the price you would pay for it in SA.
written by OS GIKEN, September 06, 2010
Ok...who's going to dubai?
written by thenack, September 06, 2010
I bet you could get a BB quite cheap in Saudi right now....smilies/grin.gif
written by RIC007GP, September 07, 2010
The UAE has an eBay equivalent called You could get yourself a cheap iPhone there if you were prepared to take the risk. The problem with buying from a foreign country is that you have warranty problems. The iPhone 4 is not officially in the UAE yet, but all the big retailers have them and will provide a warranty, but the moment you take it out the country you have a problem.

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