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Adventures in SEO-land

Posted by: MikeZilla

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Am i getting smarter or is the world getting dumber? I've always been a bit of a geeky technophile with my secret superpower being my uncanny knack for breaking things. Having spent the better part of my adult life getting paid to fix the things I've broken I now stand before you proudly the Luke friggin Watson of Geekdom.

Hell that's what I thought until I ran into this SEO Bus never in the history of man is it as easy as it is today to feel insignificant. I'm spending a bit of my free time out on the web currently learning about Search engine optimisation in all it's technicolored glory and I have to say I'm not loving it. SEO is popularity contest dressed up as Science.

In essence if google finds a million sites with the correct search terms in them they have a popularity contest too see which list of facts is most reputable. Now in an ideal world this means that every listing you find on the front page of a search has survived a long and and daunting gauntlet of fact checking and audience feedback to get to the point where a big enough group of people have links to your web real estate.

In practice this means most every listing on the front page of your search results is probably nearly unreadable due to it's keyword heavy writing style and packed full of useless advertisements and links which were "traded" to get the site to it's lofty heights.

Ultimately we end up with a link list mafia, running popularity cartels where the only requirement is that someone able to fill in an online form for free webhosting is also able to type a link.

I continue to live in hope that one day that quality will find it's way back to the worldwide web. In the meantime I'm still working at my web experimental personal development site trying to figure out how this all works

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written by AbortRetryFail, May 28, 2009
I'm sure google's selling/auctioning the no1 spot on many keywords to companies. "you want to be no1 in the widget market? $lots and you're no1. Don't worry of you're $10 short, you could still be no2 then"
written by mikezilla, May 28, 2009

Indeed I find it odd that there is no competitions research into this. Interestingly if you have a close look Google offers a "service" where you can hire a SEO consultant to help optimize your sites traffic - How can the same company that creates the problem also sell a solution.... *ponder* :zzz
written by AbortRetryFail, May 29, 2009
Slightly off-topic but doesn't it seem kinda suspicious that antivirus companies keep bringing out cures for new viruses a day or so after it hits the wild? Perpetual income from writing viruses themseves and selling the cure to the infected.
written by mikezilla, May 29, 2009

Yeah it's a protection racket. I'll go a step further and say Microsoft are in on it. I've got too say it's ludicrous how bad the security on windows is. Imagine buying a car and then having to wait 6 months for an upgrade so you can get air bags (service pack). I recently got so fed up i've mostly chucked windows off all my machines and am running Ubuntu on my laptop and Desktop. Because i do some arty stuff I still need windows but i don't surf the net with it anymore.
written by redsaid, May 30, 2009
I'm late to say, but welcome, mikezilla! Looking forward to reading lots more of your blogs!
written by wow power leveling, September 19, 2010

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