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A Life Less Digital In Undeveloped Nations

Posted by: The Pianist

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The Pianist

Many years ago man lived in a cave, hunted for his food, and used his legs to walk to get his water.  But as time evolved, so did technology, in most parts of the world, except for in countries where the old traditions of survival still reign strong.  Should we pity these nations, or envy them?

We are rapidly heading into Global Warming.  A lot of the poisons that are being released into the atmosphere are caused from the manufacturing, maintanance and use of digital devices.  The natural deterioration of our earth is speeding up due to someone needing more sound, faster electric windows, and the latest GPS.  In undeveloped nations, people use the sun to guide them.  With the obesity rate in the world climbing, is it not wiser to follow the example of these people, and go exercise?  Surely, encouraging children to run outside versus sit and play Xbox serves in their best interest?  But then the question of human Basic Needs comes into play.

Basic needs include:  Shelter, Health, Food and Education.  How much is achievable without the use of technology?  Shelter we know is achievable.  Food you can grow, but then the balance of some form of a normal life is needed with health and education, as the advancement in these two needs is beyond what any plant could give a persion versus digital knowledge.  Naturally the debate of cruel versus kind comes into play.  How can you give a portion of people computers, when they have no money to maintain, or use these things?  Perhaps teaching a group about the digital advances, will have a ripple effect and close the Digital Divide.  However, some say this is a pipe dream, and it is obvious that technology can create much larger class divides.

Perhaps leaving technology for now out of these nations could prove to be a positive thing.  In a small forest in South America, people live in huts, walk wherever they need to go or ride a bicycle of it is far.  They live in huts, and the children learn to cultivate land as their education.  These people live much longer than general people, and their water is amongst the cleanest in the world.  The villages do not allow cars into their area and visitors literally have to walk across forests, after gaining permission, to enter this sacred land.  Being part of a growing digital world has its ups and downs, but the idea of having a fit body at the age of ninety is intriguing.

One wonders how a balance can be formed.   Surely, letting an undeveloped nation evolve at its own pace is healthier than shoving technology at them as if they are a power charity project.  First world countries may have a lot to teach third world countries, but those third world countries have a lot to remind the First world countries, about basic survival.

In South Africa, we may be fortunate to have a bit of both.  But unfortunately we try impliment over challenging digital programmes, before seeing them succeed in other countries.  To be honest, I am happy with my little bits and pieces, but do wish I knew how to start a fire with rocks.

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