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A digital note - pricing on TV's in SA should drop!

Posted by: OS GIKEN

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Is it not so? When Plasma's made their way here all of us were licking our lips, wondering how it would feel, how sore your eyes would be, how many people would come to your house to watch soccer, but the reality made your lip licking a dry affair once you realized that forking out R15000 for a 42" Plasma from LG was just not going to happen.

Then LCD's hit the market, they don't reflect, and they show better, apparently. This prompted the prices of the plasma's to drop as low as a 21 year old stripper trying to pay her proverbial "university fees" Now, plasma's go for a disgustingly low R6999 for a 42" and LCD's follow suit with the cheapest 42" I've seen at R7500!

Then, like clockwork, our LED TV friend made a hit on the scene,  This prompted LCD prices to fall even lower, but the LED's are even more expensive than its 2 forefathers, it starts at a cool R20 000 for the cheapest LG. Now that you've managed to deviate from that plan of pleading some insane insurance scam, you realized that R20 000 for a TV is really not that good of an idea.

Now, in the very near future, we'll see 3D TV...even better than LED TV, how much will this cost? Can I now, looking at past figures just like an economist, assume, as they do, that the LED TV prices will drop? As economists have proven to us year on year, prices will drop looking at our intricate data showcasing a steady drop in prices from the introduction of plasmas on the electronics markets. How come then, do I not feel justified that the LED will not sit on my plasma stand in the near future?

OS over and out - With 3D TV, I expect to have a LED TV in my house or flat or whatever I'll be living in come 2011...Will the prices drop? They should, looking at all other variables, there is no need why they should not drop, other than a greedy electronics market.



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