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3D TV - are you ready?

Posted by: sgb

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Are you ready to sit in your lounge watching the World Cup Soccer with the players (and the ball) swirling around your head?

Following the success of Coraline and now Avatar, 3D seems to be coming of age. It is, however, still an uncertain development as 3D stills requires special glasses  - not quite as bad as the 1960's versions (with red and green filters if I remember correctly) but special glasses non-the-less.

The Soccer World cup is, of course, the highlight for the year. The announcements are out that it will be broadcast in 3D, though I am not sure what that does to the broadcast cost, or to the increased bandwidth requirements. I am not sure what will happen when a 2D screen receives a 3D picture - do broadcasters have to now broadcast 2 seperate streams, as there will be a lot of fuzzy eyes and heads.

The major TV producers have brought out 3D TVs. The cost is still quite high (R25k equivalent) and still require glasses - at a cost of R1500 - but as with all technology it should rapidly come down. A major Belgian newspaper has also brought out a 3D daily - a once off due to cost - but still requires glasses.

The requirement for special glasses is still a problem for me. It is bad enough at the theatre -and there were a few lesser mortals who came out of  Coraline wondering why the film was fuzzy as they had not taken 'the free gift' - but to sit at home with them? Or too often with my glasses, on them?

PC makes are trying a different path, building the filters into the screen itself, therefore alleviating the need for these glasses. Hidden camers built into the screen or panel will observe you, and adjust the screen to provide a true 3D effect. The ability to finally play 3D games will set any game-player drooling.

There are other PC and Ipod like applications for 3D. Different folders at different levels, older files close up,  background tasks truely background. Presumably Apple will come out with something zippy called the ISee or even Ithree?

It's a whole new world out there!


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