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2011 - Technological Marvel.

Posted by: OS GIKEN

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2011, a year that marked an end of a decade in which so many technological bariers were reinvented, think buttons, cash, internet availability, clouds,applications and the use of the finger!

Here are some technology highlights and dissapointing low lights of 2011:


Low lights:

There is no real catch on to popular technology by corporates such as iPad’s and iPhones. There is no synchronisation to let these technological marvels showcase its true potential. No one wants to link their systems to these devices, no integration with Outlook, SAP or even basic development landscapes that reside on a corporate network. The reasons shout security, security and more security, but I really expected big corporates to jump the ship and take an unconventional route to being ahead of the pack and integrate their strategic drivers with a strategic technological drive…the mobile smart phone and the tablet pc.



The exact reason for my dissapointment is also my highlight. The tablet has taken the world by storm, die hard users will shout with anger and proclaim that it’s no new technology but in this world, when something goes mainstream, it’s new to all of us! The competitor base has increased so much with every tech giant wanting a piece of the pie, this means great products and more technological boundaries being pushed in search of a niche and market dominance.The way in which this technology has hit this year is phenomenal, and Service Providers giving their support with packaged deals and Outlets increasing every month the world of the laptop has been turned on its head and seamless, streamlined multitasking has become more apparent and more needful, especialy in a corporate environment.


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