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My 1-Minute Wonder Dongle & Resisting the Gingerbread Man Mascot

Posted by: Kitten

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My 2011 technological disappointment is my Vodacom internet speedstick, which I purchased for around R400.00 earlier this year. Included in the deal was a free 100 MB of internet usage per month, which I imagine most of you on this site will know is not an awful lot. Unfortunately I was a bit delusional in this department and rushed home with visions of far lengthier internet sessions than what ultimately ensued. My first suspicion that all was not well was when I proceeded to download Skype, bringing a traumatic and abrupt end to my first much anticipated internet session. Subsequent sessions improved somewhat and I now know that 100 MB gets you about 3 hours browsing time a month. Whilst I do realise that this situation was a result of my own technological ignorance, I do think that the salesperson who served me should have made it clearer that I would have to purchase endless “bundles” to really provide me with enough internet to feed my addiction.

I guess this means I won’t be getting the Vodacom sponsored hamper.

On a more positive note: Thank goodness for free work internet and my Blackberry Curve 8510, which I bought a few months ago. It might not have the flashiness of the colourful new touch screen phones with cute gingerbread mascots, but it packs a punch in its own reliable, super efficient way.


 I don’t own anything, hence my need to enter.

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written by Charmed, December 02, 2011
Sorry Kitten, what a rip off! Currently the best option is 8ta's R199 a month for 10GB. I might sign up because my Cell C speedstick I received at launch expired smilies/sad.gif It saved my life every time internet at home and work went down!
written by Kitten, December 02, 2011
I must remember that one next time I buy, my Vodacom one is almost finished.

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