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2011: Highlights and More Highlights

Posted by: MJK


Even though Facebook and Twitter have been around for the better part of the last decade, many South Africans are only exploring this space now. According to the latest findings by Fuseware and World Wide Worx, Twitter has exploded in SA over the past year, increasing its local user base 20 fold.

Being a Journalism lecturer, I love how Twitter has transformed news gathering in our country.


Another highlight is my College's decision to issue tablets to every student. The possibilities for teaching and learning are vastly enhanced, and it has acted as a catalyst for a paperless institution (because lets face it, who doesnt want to be 'green').


An unlikely technology highlight has been the new 'Planet of the Apes' movie. Smeagol was impressive 9 years ago, but Weta have outdone themselves with Ceasar.

A disappointment has been the patent wars between Samsung and Apple. After Ryan Giggs messy affair with Twitter, I was hoping for less super-injunctions, but it seems that this will continue.

My biggest highlight of 2011 was getting an iPad 2 as a birthday gift from my wife. Initially I thought that I would use it for watching tv series at work, but I find myself using it as a reference tool, to complement my lecturing, as well as as an e-book reader for all the mindless Jeremy Clarkson books that I like to read.

I dont know whether I drank too much Apple Kool-Aid but I can't do without my iPad.


Word Count : 249 :)


I am the proud owner of an ipad, a ps3, an xbox 360 and a Donatello teddy bear that I got 21 years ago. But I love my ipad the most ;)

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