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Curating your own stories

Posted by: Howie2.0

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With so much information all over the place, it can be frustrating to remember where you saw what. One of the solutions to this problem is curating information and bundling it into a multi-source package stream like services such as Storify and Storyful.

Storify is a free tool that allows you to search multiple social networks from one place and select the elements you want into a single information stream. You can drag anything into this stream from photos to tweets and even videos – to round off a story. You can login with Twitter which is convenient.

Storyful is also a free tool which  allows you to choose information and graphics from across social networks and separate the important news from the other rubbish on the web. You need to create a separate account to login which is unfortunate but not a train-smash.


Both allow the dragging of information into your news stream from:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • YouTube
  • RSS feeds
  • Google
  • Both also have blogs


Storify allows you to drag information from other Storify sources and various websites. It is optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and is going to be available for the iPad and similar soon. It is aimed at journalists, bloggers and experts.

Storyful allows you to get information from Creative Commons too. It is aimed at journalists specifically and those interested in journalism generally.




Storify (right)

  • Blue and white interface
  • Instructions on the page

Storyful (left)

  • Orange and white interface
  • Instructions on separate pages

Which one would I choose?

Both services are free and relatively simple to use. I would pick Storify over Storyful if for nothing else than the more user-friendly interface (saves time) . These services are of course not the only ones but I find many have the same ideas. The services are useful and interesting to play with and can be read like a visual-graphic RSS feed. The sourcing of information from all over social networks and making it available on one page saves the effort of opening many tabs on your browser and scrolling the night away.

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