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Easy Technology – Translator, say what?

Posted by: turbankitty

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Easy Technology – Translator, say what?


We go into raptures over all the new technology that we literally have at our fingertips on a daily basis. For all the praise we give this technology, there is a flipside to this very shiny coin.

The youth of today have practically been born with some sort of techno-gadget in their hands. This is of course in itself not a bad thing. What is however shocking, is just how much the youth of today have become dependent on the use of technology. Especially, online translators like Google Translate.

It has been my experience in the teaching field that, instead of putting in the hard work to learn and practice a Second-/Additional Language at school-level, learners opt for the easy way out. They simply write their essay in their Home-/First Language, copy it into the online translator and voila at the press of a button they have one perfectly translated essay (or so they think) without having opened a dictionary.

I can’t count the number of times I have sat grading an essay, which has clearly been ‘written’ in the above mentioned manner. It is appalling to read such drivel, because you know the learner has put no effort whatsoever into the task that was set for them. This is evident in the product that they hand in for grading, because they couldn’t even be bothered to correct the simplest of mistakes that were made during the translation. They don’t even read over the work to make sure of punctuation!

For a teacher of FAL’s, everyday it is a battle against learners and their machines.

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