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Where do we come from?

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Stephen Wright, the master of the one-liner, had a classic line:

“Sponges absorb water, imagine how deep the ocean would be if they didn’t”

In my brief life experience I use sponges to wash myself.  I never imagined sponges ever having any other use or link to humanity than that.

While there are schools of thought that maintain that we as homo-sapiens evolved from apes, a new source closer to the ground has been found.

Scientists down under have discovered that ocean sponges share almost seventy percent of the same genes as us human beings.

Apparently genetic sequencing of sponges from the Great Barrier Reef have revealed a sharing of genes with humans, including those that deal with disease and cancer.

There is now research being done to determine the viability of using sponge cells for stem cell research.

So the next time you see a genuine ocean sponge in someone’s bathroom, speak slowly and carefully and say “Howzit brother”.

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written by Dissol, August 12, 2010
70% share of genes is actually a very distant relation. We are within 98% of some other animals. Fascinating stuff genetics... When I was learning about it, to get my Agriculture degree, I very nearly turned vegetarian, as I realised how closely related we were to many different animals. A couple of genes changes here & there and we could be a pig...or cow...a couple more, and a sponge or similar...

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