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THAT woman's sense of direction

Posted by: Flycatchr

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A friend of mine gave me an HTC X7500. Its like a mini laptop and cell phone combined. REALLY nice little gift, and it comes with all the little apps one would expect from a windows mobile 5 device. A great little tool for "on the go" quotes and emails. You do need to trick it into thinking its software certificates are up to date to continue using MSN though, but that is another story for another day when I feel like bashing Microsoft.


It is the woman's voice that needs addressing though (from the Navigator GPS), more to the point, I would picture her with blond hair and a cleverly hidden frown of disapproval, and not only for the way you drive. Her masked disdain may stem from the sudden movements brought on by considerate taxi drivers or my use of the hand held mobile communication device, but I think its probably the fact I plugged in tomorrow's meeting and then drove somewhere else. You all know that voice - "in 200m, if it is possible, please make a u-turn"

"make a u-turn now"  yeah RIGHT!!!

Of course I wasn't going where she wanted me to go, and there was a continual re-shifting of the advised route, but you would expect her to take this in her stride. Every now and then I would actually do what she wanted and you could almost hear the sigh of relief. THEN, I arrived at my customers farm, after having been advised to "gooi a U'ie" on numerous occasions and I drove through the gates. I swear she got as far as "Please...."  and stopped for at least 3 seconds, FINALLY I had silenced her, beaten her into submission, ground her gears to a pulp. Too soon my jubilation "...., if possible, make a U-turn in 200m"

OHH MYYY SACK - in 200m I will be in the middle of cow kak and sheep ,um,  droppings, never mind the greenhouses, packing sheds and chickens in my way.


I think I have won though, because now when she says please, she stops to make sure I am listening, but I recon she also cringes at every intersection not knowing if I am going to follow her next instruction.


catchr you latr

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written by NiteShade, February 26, 2010
LOL Even as a female, I found that very amusing smilies/cheesy.gif
The Source
written by The Source, February 26, 2010
LOL, well you could go the Garmin route and get Victor Matfield to give you directions.

I can just imagine how messed up navigation is lately with all the road works we see across the country with 2010 on hand.
written by [grrr]Onyx, February 27, 2010
Now what would it be like if it had a very sexy, sultry voice? People would drive around aimlessly and waste a lot of fuel? smilies/tongue.gif
The Source
written by The Source, February 28, 2010
Not sure if I would wanna listen to Victor Matfield on a Garmin, I follow his tweets and even they don't makes sense reading them in English
written by [grrr]s3xy_j0nny, March 02, 2010
Classic, Catchr

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