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The UNISA Revelation - RPL Program

Posted by: Iceman

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So here I was, sitting & pondering, sigh, as I so often do...I needed to re-look at some tertiary education options...I considered completing my BCom (Informatics) & Unisa was the obvious choice for a worker bee like myself.

The problem I faced was whether I could concentrate for 3 whole years for an undergraduate degree, it is of course a necessary evil, or is it??? The search began for how I could complete this possible degree in less time & I stumbled upon something that got my tail a waggin' .

Unisa have a programme called RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). It looks like several other tertiary institutions have something of this sort. This proved to be a godsend for someone like me that has acute ADT (Attention Deficit Disorder) . What it basically means is that you can register for a degree (you must meet the minimum requirements appropriate for the degree first i.e. matric results of course) but apply for credits for modules in that degree based on your prior learning experiences, be it in the work environment or other training courses attended (internal or external). So you get credits for everything that you have learnt irrespective of how you learnt it (formal or informal).

The end result is that it will now take me a year to complete my BCom degree as opposed to 3 years! Amen to that!
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written by MichaelW, August 20, 2010
I'd be interested to know more details about the process you went through, especially about any assessments they required after you'd submitted your application.

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