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How To Create Facebook CSS Styles

Posted by: aksn1p3r

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I have embedded various styles imitating the old Facebook to demonstrate how easy it is to style a page or to learn CSS by example.

The CSS code is available for easy downloading along with this page.

You can either download the zip file with all icons and images included or you can download the source files individually from my public DropBox account.

Tip: Right-Click on link and select 'Save As'.

facebook div styles.html

facebook div styles.css

facebook div

Each class is labeled with its respective declaration, eg. .fb1, .fb2, ..., .fbx.
Note: Some classes will be found to be sub-divided eg. .fb6a, .fb6b, .fb6c.

Go ahead and hover/click your mouse around the styles to interact with me.

Found bugs? Need a specific style for your widget or blog FOR FREE?
Let me know!


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written by varung, July 04, 2010
smilies/smiley.gif nice work.Let me try it
written by GuRu Asaki, August 04, 2010
This doesn't help with the new Face Book look though... All i'm trying to do is figure out how to add a pop up menu... Doesn't matter what format of web coding it's in, html, css, xml, whatever... Any ideas would be nice?

Remember, this is the most recent 2010 version of Face Book, i'm using, smilies/sad.gif

So how can I do this?
written by buzzknow, August 17, 2010
cool ... nice css dude smilies/smiley.gif

written by 06Sergio, October 04, 2010
Very nice smilies/smiley.gif

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