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My mother in law and me, naked

Posted by: Liquid circle

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Liquid circle

One of the worst things that could happen to a human happened to me yesterday.  Sundays are normally set out to relax and do as little as possible and yesterday was no difference.  After having a lovely brunch in the garden we decided to stay at home around the pool as it was a really nice day, so we thought to get the tan going a little. 

As it is just the 4 of us we normally don't care to wear anything at all if we are to spend the day around the pool so that the bum and other normally covered areas can also get a little sunlight.  So here we are all butt naked relaxing.  Then the doorbell goes and i swiftly put on some shorts just to see who is there.  The guy at the door just wanted to show me that my garage door was half skew which i knew already and is being fixed today, thank god.  Anyway back i go to the pool of comes the short again and we're back to normal.

We're in the pool out of the pool, made snacks for lunch, watched some cricket and did generally nothing.  At about 3 pm we are all stretched out on pool bed or in one of the hammocks hanging around, the perfect Sunday!

The next moment i open my eyes and here she is my mother in law, standing at the doorway looking straight into my crotch, not that she had an option.  You have never seen us getting dressed as quickly  as that, within a flash i had my shorts on (only to be told later that they were on back-wards) and had offered her a drink.  The kids are ok as they are still young and my partner i did not see for the next 10 minutes orso, who came out a little later all embarrassed.

Although we are both pretty comfortable with our bodies and sexuality it was rather embarrassing to have the mother in law looking at the jewels because A. She is very conservative and B. She is my mother in law.

Funny enough though not a word was spoken about it and the topics of discussion came from all angles and lazing around the pool naked was not a point of discussion that anyone of us would bring up. 

After she had left i obviously got the run down on how mom could just walk into the house without anyone opening the door for her, well you must have guessed it by now, after the guy left who had something to say about my garage i must have left the door open, duh!   I got a big rundown on that as you can imagine.    Afterward though laying in bed we had a big laugh about it as it was quiet hysterical and we both wondered how my mom in law will react the next time she sees me.......

If you want to hang around naked around the house on a sunny Sunday make sure that all your doors are locked properly it can safe quiet some embarrassment.

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written by Syllable, January 21, 2008
Oh dear. I've had a similar incident.

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