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The Source
I would like to share an industry that might be known to most you but foreign in the practical concept.

If you consider this self-advertising then just stop reading at this point

If you still reading... welcome

Forex and Beyond
(no other title came to mind)

Forex is in its simplest form the process of exchanging one currency for another. Buying and selling of Euros, Dollars, Yen, Pounds etc.

You have heard about Stock Traders and Investor in Hedge Funds. Now Forex is in basic the same but has the following advantages.

  • It's a 24 hour market, 5 days a week
  • You start with a $250 investment and use Micro Lot accounts
  • You get all the software and resources free - mahala.
  • You can gain from a buy as well as a sell position.
  • It has a high risk and high gain scenario.
  • You can trade with up to 17 currency pairs.
That is just a summary that still tells you nothing really - right?

This is how I explain it to my friend and interested parties. Every morning I wake up and turn on my laptop. First I come to MDL to see if I haven't been banned (read my first post). Then I open my Metatrader Terminal.

I play about 4-5 pairs per day. On every pair I have a target of raking in 15 pips - let me break that up for you.
  • Metatrader is a trading software program that receives price quotes between currencies from the world banks and shows it as a graphical chart.
  • Currencies trade against one another EUR vs USD, GBP vs USD.
  • Pips is a single price movement - the price is 1 but become 2, meaning that it has increased 1 Pip.
Some pairs can move up to 200 pips per day, but the trick is to know if the price is moving in the buy direction or the sell direction.

To determine this we have tools that form part of the Metatrader that we call Technical Indicators. Indicators give us general idea of which direction the price is favoring.

So every morning I make a quick analysis of where the market is heading and I place my orders. Buy or Sell. I set a profit target of 15 pips and protect my losses by setting a stop loss of 25.

  • Take Profit means that if my trade is +15 then my trade closes to ensure I have profit
  • Stop Loss means that if the trade turns on me that I will only lose -25
  • These values are user defined.
Now I can decide how much I am willing to trade, lets assume I trade $1. Then I gain $15 per pair. If I have good day then I have 5 pairs producing $15. You get some days where the scenario isn't as rosey. You get days where you break even.


Now lets be honest, if read this far then you are interested to learn more. I am going to direct you to a site where you can learn more and I am giving you the following:

  • Free NFA Training Material.
  • A Free Demo trading account and full software
  • Free informative material written by top traders.

There is no catch. I do not get anything by you clicking on the link. It's my company. I simply believe that if you read the material and start using the demo account that you might start to enjoy it. If you have trading success on the demo you might wanna open a live account and start trading with my company. Forex is a long term investment.

i am focussed on creating long term investors who invest their time to learn the industry. I would like to share with you why I consider this a great option.

  • Every $ I make is currently worth R7.13
  • If I loose my job tomorrow I have something to fall back on.
  • While I still have a job I am saving up money for the future.
  • If I get into an accident that leaves me physically impaired - I still have a means to an income.
If you would like to learn more then do by checking out

I am selling nothing but introducing to you an idea

I hope if not insightful that you at least enjoyed the five minutes you spend reading this posting as opposed to my other more political opinionated blogs.

Have a great MDL day

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