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Jan 03

Which phone Operating system do you choose?

Posted by Vortex in Untagged 


I am thinking about different kinds of phones and what they do since later this year I have to go and upgrade my phone, and to be honest, there is so many phones with different operating systems that you simply cannot just go and get any phone, we as people differ a lot and thus opinions differ, so you cannot really go and ask a friend and be truly satisfied with the product.

Jan 03

Was it a digital holiday in the last 10 days?

Posted by DBS in Xmas activity , social media , Linkedin , Facebook


I generally go onto facebook and linkedin once a day just to catch up and generally I do not go on to it at work.

Dec 29

Life goes on....without a Hitch

Posted by Dissol in Obit , Hitchslap , Christopher Hitchens


I changed the title to this blog.  His death caused me to revisit some of the fabulous books he wrote.  God is Not Great, Letters to a Young Contrarian, Arguably, and his autobiography - Hitch-22.  I realised over the course of re-reading those incredible works, that his work has influenced me.  He was a truly great mind, and a brilliant orator.  The world is much poorer today, for not having Hitch about, but he did achieve immortality, in that his literary works will endure.

Dec 27

Social Media Meme

Posted by ShackledMuse in Twitter , tumblr , social media , meme , Facebook


I stole this meme from Nafisa. I'm addicted to these things.

Dec 26

Xmas carol

Posted by Dissol in Xmas , Christmas


To me, spending the month of December in somewhere like South Africa, or the UK, indeed much of the Western World, is like having a taste of what it would be like to live in a single party, dictatorship.  Same songs everywhere (everywhere, meaining everywhere public - malls, shops, offices, hospitals, stations, airports), same "uniforms", same exhortations.  Everyone is forced to join in.

Dec 19

Call Me Humble- The Vodafone Webbook

Posted by Giovanni in Untagged 


After a considerable amount of time to consider the specifications of the Vodafone Webbook, I can state quite confidentley that it is... well... humble. Though, Humble if imagined to take on human characteristics, does not necessarily have to denote the words bad or weak.

Humble has his limitations but is confident of his capabilities. If he is not met with too many expectations, Humble will never be a disappointment. What makes the little Vodafone Webbook so special? -The fact that it is suited perfectly for its target market, those who have been previously unnable to afford laptops. Its not going to run Battlefield 3, if you want it to, you are missing the point.

However, its hardware specifications are a little hard to digest. The 512mbs/RAM is sufficient for a webbook, but the 800mhz processor is ancient technology and makes the user dynamic tedious. The processor is unnecessarily slow; and after reading US consumer's comments on the machine, Americans suggested that they would be able to obtain a base level Intel Atom powered webbook for the dollar equivalent of just under R2000.00. It has only 4gigs onboard memory, but that does not have to be a catastrophe if you hook up a 32gig flash to one of its 2 USB ports. If you're starting to think that South Africans are being taken advantage of yet again, consider that to a low income household R1500.00 (Humble's unbundled price) is significantly easier to swallow than R2000.00, which can be an entire month's part-time salary for a struggling student. At least at R1500.00, in a single month, the kid can still afford a laptop and have 500 bucks kaching for booze.

The Ubuntu OS operating within itself is an absolute joy. It is simple, fast and practical as long as you do not run too many applications at once or +5 tabs in the web browser. Ubuntu only becomes annoying when you want to install all your favourite windows compatible system programmes. However, a rebuttal to this issue is that the Ubuntu OS is fitted with all the applications you will need to get by and it does have its own AppStore, where most of the apps are free.

As I hammer away on the less than soft-touch keyboard, I am compelled to be slightly disappointed by the machine, it could have been a smidge better and still priced under R2000.00. But that is exactly the problem with pc consumers, what we have is never enough. Your core i5 could be an i7, your GT220 graphics card could be a GT450 Sti Gsi Turbo-charged Frozen Black Legacy edition. If you bring that mentality to the table when using it, then the Vodafone Webbook is clearly not for you, because you will never stop judging it.

This is Humble, it connects to the internet easily, has simple Wifi options, is able to process documents, has a host of fun little applications, good battery life, a practical OS and funky exterior. Humble is the average Joe, he is a splendid little machine. Love him without inflated expectations and he will not do you a disservice.

Dec 15

Things I learned from Breaking Dawn

Posted by LousyNick in Untagged 


Breaking Dawn is a special kind of movie: the kind that's so crazy-bad it's almost awesome, but then just slightly overshoots that into batshit insane territory. And I just cannot stop talking about it.

Dec 15

How low can you go?

Posted by Khatija in task team , spy , Rupert Murdoch , rebekah brook , news of the world , New Media , nelson mandela , ethics , cctv



Dec 14

My First Time

Posted by Svassandlit in tricks , tips , photoshop cs3 , photoshop , odesk , money , knowledge , hints , freelance , first , design , blog , adobe


Hi There!
I'm Anike, a freelance designer working through I stubbled upon this site yesterday and it intrigued me (mostly the money part). I have never blogged before and this is my first attempt. Not really sure what the content should be, but I'll figure that out.
Just to give you a general idea of me, my blogs will mostly be about handy tricks and effects in Adobe Photoshop. I use Adobe Photoshop CS3, so I have no idea whether my advice and tips will work on the latter versions, but give it a try, it won't hurt. I'm not an expert but I know that many aren't and any bit of knowledge helps.
I'll be keeping you posted.

Dec 14

'Thor' Film Music Review

Posted by Phoenix Benedict in Thor , phoenix benedict , patrick doyle , kenneth branagh , film music , audio branding

Phoenix Benedict

'Thor' - Patrick Doyle
Besides the stunning CGI effects and the stellar cast the storyline was not an a epic LOTR narrative. Yet I feel the saving grace - except for Chris Hemsworth's amazing physique - was the film's score.

Exceptionally aesthetically sound crafting in terms of harmonic and melodic constructions creating a fluent music language moving in sync with the visual narrative.

Mr Doyle is known for his thoughtful and sensitive score for 'Sense and Sensibility', and this is what sets him apart from other Hollywood scorers, in that his score literally co-exists with the visual narrative, instead of merely commenting on it.

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