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Jul 05

Get more post hits in slow times

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To all MyDL Authors

There has been quite a few posts complaining about low post hits. We have seen that the changes to the site and apparently too strick rules on when a hit is a hit have seen this motivation to write good blogs really go down the drain. However, complaing without doing something is not cool. So here is what I did, and I have done it before: I am actively pomoting MyDL on other blog communities. I post links to specific blogs of mine, but tell people they can make money bloging here. Below is an example of a post I put on other blog communities to do my bit to get this community to be better than it already is. I will later give my Ideas for management:

Jul 03

Hits Down Like a Punched Python!

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After the success of Barman as top earner for June (R120), and even with the fact that ShacledMuse earned R300 but couldn't win 2 months in a row, I just realised again that HITS ARE DISMAL.

In fact, it is getting to the point where it really isn't worth taking the time to write proper, entertaining blogs, adding lots of funny or relevant pictures, proofreading....if it is going to be read by the same 10 people. Why would I go through the trouble of posting this unique little picture here, If I could get three times the hits on another blog?


Where else have you seen Juan Claude punshing a rubber snake? Anyways...

We should be having more and more permanent members, but it seems we are having less and less.

Here is what I think can make a difference:

Seeing all the blogs at the top of the page, not just digital. People blog mostly to connect with people. Give all the blogs equal exposure. Also we need less "pro blogger" articles and more exposure for the people.

It should be easier to follow all blogs that you have activity on. Whether it is your own blog or one you commented on, you should be able to follow your conversations easily. Personally I hate receiving e-mail notifications about comments. I want to go to one place and have my blogs sorted by newest, or conversations. Blogs spend maybe one or two days on the home page and then they are lost forever, down into the abyss of eternal terabytes of dead posts. Blogs should be kept alive, good posts should become old and die in their sleep....not cut down in their prime.

Further commenting should be encouraged and new members and different opinions should be encouraged. Have a top commented post section. The top blog idea is a move in the right direction, but have more of this and make it more visual. This could be so great, but people just don't get the same experience as with other blogging sites. We need many different groups of friends on here, not just a core group. That is what has to change in my opinion.

Jul 02


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Whether you believe it or not, positive attitude is a significant factor in your career, life and happiness. Many problems you experience in business and personal achievement can be traced back to ineffective thinking habits! Change it. You can learn to manage your thought habits and directly affect your level of achievement.

Jun 30

Fifa vs Technology, can football handle TV refs?

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We have all seen some very shocking decisions lately. The world cup referees have not really done themselves all that proud. Various rediculous red cards have been given, and some goals have been denied, as I am sure England will be happy to tell you about. All of this have sparked the debate on weather or not to use technology in football. Of all games, I believe, football and technology don't mix. Just take a look at the video of the goal below. Clearly, the ball is over the line (or was it), but the goaly has kept it in play. If the game was first stopped to check if it did or did not cross the line it will influence play too much.

 higuita Another area where it may be used is with giving red cards. There are so many fake injuries and falls in football, a match will last 3 days if each and every offence were to be checked by TV replay . Here is some footage of very fake football injuries.
fifa-world-cup-red-card-reason fifa-soccer-tantrumspeek-a-boo So my suggestion is as follows. I think they should have a sensor that lights a green light the moment the ball crosses the line. Weather the strike is in the air or on the ground. You can't use TV replay as this will influence the rest of the game. The referee should instantly be able to see if it is a goal or not. 

I believe each coach, not the players, should have one or two chalenges per game, only on red cards. With yellow the play resumes too quickly and stopages would slow the game too much. This should not be the case for yellow, only for red. So the coach can make a chalenge on a red card, and then the referee can watch the replay and decide.  

So in conclusion, I think technology can help, but it should be adapted to have minimal impact on the game.

The worlds best Vuvuzela Post Ever (I promise)  Pwaaaaaaap

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Jun 30

Viva South Africa, Viva Vuvuzela, PPWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAP

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the vuvuzella makes it hard to think, this is the argument of some people. I mean take the example below. The vuvuzella will drown out even the most pleasent of thoughts from your mind. Pwaaaaap.

Jun 28

Black and White Digital Photo effects

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Which one of these do you like best? I can't decide. The one is standard off camera, the other has high levels of sharpening and contrast adjustment for a more "grainy" "film" effect? First or second?

Jun 25

Selling Digital Photos, my latest photos

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I am sure I have told you about istockphoto, the place I try to sell my digital photos?

anyway, don't ever pay for a report that tells you "how to do it". Just join a website and read the FAQs, read the other user blogs, and take good pictures.

It is NOT as easy as people make it sound, most places require you to go through a rating process, and then each photo is checked to see if it is absolutely perfect.
anyhow, I am making a little with this, and I have received only 5/5 ratings for most of my pics. Here are the latest two on the website:

Massive Lion close up and Cape Vultures at Sunrise. If you are into photgraphy let me know if you like them.

Jun 24

Adgator to Monetize your Blog

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Afrigator, South Africa, and Africa's, main blog agitator thingy, started a unique concept a few years ago. This was pay per view advertising aimed at the blogging community. Yep, you, me, us, the bloggers.
So I made a few bucks every month from Adgator. What was nice about it is the fact that it was consistant each month. You get paid per view, no tricks, thats it. So if you can get you blog views up you make more money. Period. But then....Adgator when through some growing pains and I stopped using them. But as of late, they seem to have sorted out all the teething problems and have some of the biggest blogs in South Africa using them.
Unfortunately for you it is no longer free to join adgator ( yeah, you should have listened when I told you about it back then), as they only want serious bloggers. But I used to make a R100 a month back then, so you should easilly make more than that now making the joining fee woth it.
check out the new Adgator

Jun 22

Kaka red card makes soccer gay

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Seriously, did you see what Kaka got a red card for. Just when I was starting to like soccer they go and get all gay.
He wasn't even looking and a guy ran into him from behind, fell down and put up a big nacy panzy show. So then the referee looks up, see the guy squeling like a little baby on the ground, and red cards Kaka. Rediculous.
the next time some player takes an oscar winning fall like this I would like to see the referee giving him a red card. Seriously sad.
Abdelkader Keita ran into Kaka from behind, Kaka's arm hit him in the chest, Abdelkader Keita grabed his face and fell to the ground. The ref who didn't even see it piches up and red cards Kaka.

Jun 22

New Julius Malema Statue to be unveiled

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With breathless anticipation the crowd awaits the unveiling of the Julius Malema Statue.

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