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Jun 17


Posted by thenack in world cup , thenack , supporters , Soccer , pictures , photos , images , football , FIFA , fan fest , bafana bafana



I went to the centurion Cricket grounds on friday for the 2010 opening festivities. Supersport park is the Tshawne/Pretoria fan fest location. What a huge party! The event was superbly organised and ALL the fans were in high spirits and well behaved. You could hear the vuvuzelas from kilometers away and it was just smiles and SA flags were you looked, not to mention Bafana gear!

I took my camera along and these are some of the pics I took of this awesome event. there were thousands and thousands of people, supersport park was jam packed and everybody had a ball. The only problem was the legth of the beer ques, doh!
all in all I hope all the rest of the world cup can go like this day, it was superbly organised and to my opinion if most of the events go like this, the world cup will be one to remember!

Hope you enjoy my photos!  BeMotivatedToday and make some money!


Whatching the game on the bigscreen at supersport park was awsome!

I call this guy Southafricaman

Makarapas, makarapas, everywhere you look!!!!

Rainbow nation hotness.

Soccerball hat in bafana colours

This started earlier as part of the football friday friendly footbal match!

Seriaas support

Loyalty, baby bafana of the future

BeMotivatedToday and make some money

Jun 04

AIDS: The GAY Plague

Posted by thenack in WTF , weird , sex , Science , man on man , man on horse , homophobic , gay , aids


I am not for Gay,
I am for science education,

I am not for man on horse sex as an explanation in the 3rd grade science class...gee this is so weird.

man on man, man on women, threesome, man on horse ???????

Well actually the poster teaches that you cn get aids only whith 3-way sex and man on man sex, not with man on women sex or man on horse sex, these two are OK, the other two are taboo.

Be Motivated Today

Well now you know whats safe in sex right now, C'ya


Jun 04

Longterm Income

Posted by thenack in passive income , money , cash


Hi There

Jun 03

Top 5 Bizarre Toys

Posted by thenack in WTF , vibrator , top 5 weird toys , top 5 , thenack , hitler , funny , dol


In at nr 5

The WII fit horse pregnacy ..... thing, "dady can I have a pony" "Yes dear, but first you will have to learn to feed it, and brush it and check if she's pregnant. K?"

At nr 4

The WTF scary troll centipede ....I don't even know what to call this but if your child wants one I think you should worry...

At nr 3

Not for kids, for dogs, but the doggy hump sex toy is, well, what it is. Something killer can hump instead of your motherinlaws leg. I don't get why it resembles a four legged duck though? Make it fluffy....

At nr 2

Wait for it, wait for it, waaaait, jip you saw it didn't you? Puppy dolls and barby dolls and fluffy bunnies and a VIBRATOR? WTF stamp of approval right there.

and the winner at nr 1

Action figure of the century, if you are a right wing mass murdering Jew hating leader of the Nazis, the almost life sized Hitler Doll. Yeees it is a Hitler doll. ???????? double WTF with pepper gas on top.

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Jun 03

Pshyco Killer Test, with Answer

Posted by thenack in thenack , question , pshycho , poll , killer , fun


  Read this question, come up with an answer and then post your answer in comments. This is not a trick question. It is as it reads. No one I know has gotten it right. Few people do.   A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met a guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing. She believed him to be her dream guy so much that she fell in love with him right there, but never asked for his number and could not find him. A few days later she killed her sister.   Question: What is her motive for killing her sister?   [Give this some thought before you answer] I will post the answer later today, so let's see some answers and lets see who is a psycho, care to venture your answer at risk of being labelled?

She was hoping the guy would appear at the funeral again. If you answered this correctly, you think like a psychopath. This was a test by a famous American Psychologist used to determine if one has the same mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correctly. If you didn't answer the question correctly, good for you.

Jun 03

KIA Experience Winner

Posted by thenack in zakumi , winner , thenack , KIA EXperience , FIFA , casy monteiro


Casey and Zakumi

A While ago I told you about the awesome Kia Experience blogger competition which continues through the 2010 FIFA World Cup ™
The prizes were pretty cool, and
Casey Monteiro is the 1st prize ).
The Kia Experience prize is to join 12 other global bloggers from 26 – 29 June 2010, to stay at the new Rosebank Hotel, attend one 2010 FIFA World Cup ™ game and a day trip test driving the Kia Sportage as well as an EA FIFA 2010 game. Pretty cool in my opinion!

There are still a lot of surprizes in store so join the Kia Facebook Fan Page and be part of The Kia Experience

Jun 02

Digital Terrorism aimed at World Cup

Posted by thenack in thenack , terror , fifa world cup , AK47 , 2010 fifa world cup , 2010


A wave of anti world cup, anti South Africa images are starting to emerge on the intenet. The first of these were exposed when a New Zealand sports store had the following picture on their website.

Ironically this digital terror attach comes from New Zealand, I bet those guys are jsut sour because the springboks and the bulls have been thumping their egos on the rugby field for a few years now. Stupid weird country with silly animals and bad weather.

But this AK47 branded Fifa and South Africa in a negative light. This type of nonsense has to be stamped out. This world cup is going to be great and all the silly tourists that believed the machette gang stories and engage in thie "fail" campaign is going to be sorry they didn't come.

This next month in South Africa is going to be awesome!!

What is done is done, what is not finished is not finished, complaining at this stage will change nothing. IT IS TIME TO GET ON THE TAXI TO SOWETO LIKE THE BULLS FANS AND GET WITH THE PROGRAM

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Jun 02

Funny Foods

Posted by thenack in weird food , thenack , joke , funny , candy


A Collection of unfortunate food experiences

1 Porky poopers, ahhwww that sounds cute until you realise, it's pig shit sweets

2 Mokey pee, full of vitamin oooh haaah aaghg ooh haa

3 this is reaaly troubeling to me, pop a bay in the oven and roast seriously WTF

4 lighthouse candy, unfortunate coincidence or deviant mind?

5 Clown meat, yeah you guest it, it tastes funny

Unicorn in a can, destroy childhood fantacies one byte at a time

Jun 01

3D Top TV HD LED PLease Help Me

Posted by thenack in world cup , top tv , multichoise , LED , HD TV , DSTV , 3d TV , 3D


TV, its changing.

There has been so many new and better additions to TV in the last couple of years. It seems you need to be an engineer to figure it all out, and now there is 3DTV. Yip, you all saw Avatar, in 3D, it was cool. But let's just take a few steps back....

How does 3D work?

3 D video basically transmits two pictures, one for each eye. The 3D glasses block one picture per eye, and your brain does the rest. So it works like actual depth perception in the real world. Because your eyes are slightly apart, each eye sees a slightly different picture, and from this info you brain can calculate the depth. Ever try to catch a ball with one eye closed? that’s 2D TV land. Johny Depp has some problem in one of his eyes, so he could not see Alice in Wonderland in 3D, even though he was in it, in 3D. 

The 3D glasses are basically clever poloriods. Anyhow.....

Do you want it?

Seeing as everybody is quiting facebook, you may want to find something else to do with your spare time, and 3D TV may be a good replacement for Facebook, but let's look at some pros and cons:

Everybody watching the game/movie or whatever at your house will need to buy the 3D glasses and all of you will look like idiots. But of course, this is just another new niche to make supporter styled 3D glasses etc., so this is not the biggest problem.
People with glasses have the added irritation of wearing the 3D glasses over their regular ones, making them look like bigger idiots (it's dark in the movies, but not at home nê). Luckily for them you now get 3D contact lenses. But who knows when those will be available in SA....

The biggest problem however seems to be....SABC and friends

South African networks seem unsure if they want to really give 3D a go. We can guess that only DsTV will really give us 3D, and then only limited programming. So just like in the case of HD, while it is really nice, I doubt if it is worth it yet. I'm guessing there are many problems yet to address, and I would like to see the technology mature before I'm going to be spending thousands of rands.
Who is pushing for 3D TV?

People are, strangely enough, talking about the benefits of 3D in sports and porn. Yip, porn...but that is not applicable seeing as porn will soon be banned from South Africa, even if it is a sport of sorts. In sports I don't really see why you would want 3D, a boring game is a boring game, a good game is a good game. Sports are watched because they are emotional, not because of the visual impact. IF you saw Sulk Burger after the Stormers lost to the bulls in Soweto you would know what I mean with emotional. So in my opinion sports are not a good reason for 3D.

Blue ray is 3D ready, and this is probably where it will come to its full potential. With the bandwidth available on Blue Ray, the added information of a 3D signal is not a problem and I think movies on Blue Ray in 3D will be pretty cool. Just remeber so save to buy the matching surround sound....

So why would I get 3D TV?

Personally I think the place where they should focus their attention is on 3D games. First person shooter type games are already programmed in virtual 3D worlds, adding this technology will greatly enhance the gaming experience, and hey, you already look like an idiot waving your console in the air.

Imagine the added reality it will lend to Wii games. This could really work.

In Conclusion

So, while I don't think 3D TV for broadcast TV will really catch on soon, I believe the future for gaming in 3D could really be bright. I think for most South Africans 3D TV will remain way in the future. If I had R40 000 lying around I would rather spend it on a holiday and experience actual 3D that you cant touch. But for those who really have everything, I strongly suggest you get 3D for your home theatre and install it on your yacht (-;

May 28

Streetfighter funnies

Posted by thenack in Untagged 


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