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Dec 02

Code is cash

Posted by tally in technology , money , Mathematics , ideas , currency , cash , bitcoin


Is this a gimmick or the next world currency?

Oct 21

Why people pirate

Posted by tally in Piracy , music , mp3s , movies , laurence lessig , free , download


There seems to be an impression among those in the entertainment industry that piracy is a crime driven by scumbags who simply want to get for free what they should rightfully be paying for.

Sep 17

Smokoo: Scum but not Scam... technically

Posted by tally in south africa , smokoo , online , gambling , auction


An iPad for R200? Looks too good to be true. You'd better believe it!


Jun 09

Ayoba! South Africa takes to the streets

Posted by tally in world cup , wc2010 , south africa , Soccer , FIFA , bafana bafana , ayoba , 2010


Let's get something straight. I don't care about soccer.

Dec 08

How Farmville is scamming you

Posted by tally in class action


Do you play Farmville?

Dec 03

So you think you know how to Google?

Posted by tally in search engine


Do you remember a few years ago when Google sued dictionaries for including "google" as a verb? Whether or not Google approves, we all use the word to refer to searching on the Internet. But just because we know how to type words into a search box, this doesn't mean we know how to Google.

Dec 03

How to write blogs people will read

Posted by tally in help


I've been working on the MyDL help section, which means compiling a bunch of information on how to blog effectively.

Dec 01

My Digital Wishlist

Posted by tally in Untagged 


Do you think if I'm a really really good girl Santa will get me one of these for Christmas?

Jul 24

Cute little black book

Posted by tally in Untagged 

Gone are the days of business cards? I think so. Why would anyone carry around a bunch of boring dog-eared pieces of card if all you needed was a keyring?

Poken, so this little black book of a creature is called, was originally developed for the social networking generation. The little critter stores whatever contact details you select: facebook, IM, phonenumber, email, etc

Then when you're at a get-together, club or conference and you want to collect the details of those around you? You just introduce your Pokens. They shake paws and exchange details.

Then, when you get home and plug your little guy into your pc (his glove hides a usb connector), you can transfer all the details onto your own database of contacts - stored online and accessible through loggin.

Of course the drawback is that this technology relies on you having an Internet connection.

The other concern is that each one of these babies costs R200... and in order for them to be useful many people have to have them.

Imagine the possibilities for business though? If everyone at a conference was given one, no networking would really be required beyond letting your Poken's meet. They're also available in a range of shapes and styles (not just cutesy girly ones).

What do you think? Would you use a Poken?

Jul 15

Will you use MS Office online?

Posted by tally in Untagged 

Before you read any further please fill out the current MyDl Poll.

Ok, now you've done that, let me refer you to this article.

If you don't feel clicker-happy, basically what it says is that Microsoft Office 2010 is going to include online functionality... in other words a Microsoft version of Google Docs.

This is the latest in a head-to-head battle for domination by Google and Microsoft as has been blogged about already. What interests me however, is the relevance for South Africa.

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