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Information is my game. But then I need to find some money, so mainly finance and the stock market. But also marketing and politics. Oh yes, and bureaucracy. And anything else that intersts me.
Jan 16

Forget the Oscars, get your name in celestial stars.

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Andy Warhol started it with his statement "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." We can see some of the truth of it in the reality shows 'Idols', 'America's got talent' (huh??), etc.

Jan 11

OMG - where has the time gone?

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A second here, a second there. An it all adds up, as the International Telecommunications Union (ICU)  votes to abolish the 'Leap Second'. (Leap second could be abolished - The Telegraph, 11 January 2012).

Jan 05

Technology for the sake of technology is not a good thing.

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On Monday 2nd January - a holiday here in Cape Town - I received an sms advertisement for life insurance.

Dec 06

Telkom, or how a good idea goes bad.

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Some people always seem to get it wrong, even when they have the best intentions in the world.

Dec 05

Does anyone ever buy an iPad?

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In the last six weeks I have entered at least 10 competitions where the prize has been '1 of 5' iPads. These have been simple draws (reply to this email), to surveys, to renewing a subscription and even renewing my post box. There have been numerous others that I have not entered as I did not really trust the operator.

Nov 24

My 'Faster than Light' tech event of the Year

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In September 2011 the scientific world was in uproar. The OPERA experiment run by CERN indicated that neutrinos could exceed the speed of light.

Oct 22

The Information Bill: an Open Letter to the ANC

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With the introduction of the current information bill, I will never be able to vote for you again. And I have voted for you - ever since you were unbanned.

Oct 11

The Information Highway revisited.

Posted by sgb in Information highway , Google


Google, I would have thought, was in the Information Business. So what is it doing in cars?

Sep 27

Privacy or National Security on the web

Posted by sgb in wiretapping , privacy , internet , communications technology


Sep 22

Google, and censorship

Posted by sgb in Transparency report , internet , Information bill , Google , Facebook , Censorship


Is Censorship possible in the cyber age?

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