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Feb 10

Facebook bug: Help! My profile is stuck in a time vortex!

Posted by salambander in wall , updates , update , time delay , stuck , profile , facebook lag , Facebook , days ago


Where's the Doctor when you need him? Since the third of February, my Facebook profile has been stuck in the past. By this I mean that regardless of my or my friends' activity, I, as well as my friends, cannot view anything on my profile (pictures, wall posts, etc) that is more recent than somewhere between three and five days ago. It wobbles a bit between the two. On top of this, any notifications from during that period, including EVERY SINGLE ONE that I have dealt with, several times, suddenly pop up as unread, as do days-old chat windows, which are now blank, but taking up window-space. This is incredibly frustrating, and I'm not the only one having this problem.

Dec 31

Going over to the DOS side...

Posted by salambander in windows 7 home basic , Windows 7 , Windows , Virtual Box , upgrades , ubuntu , tweak , software , Skin , laptops , inspiron n5010 , inspiron , desktop , dell


After many, many, MANY years of proudly using Ubuntu, I have gone over to the dark side. As of Christmas day, 2010, I am a Windows 7 user.

Sep 21

Transparent Planes, coming soon to an acrophobe near you.

Posted by salambander in transparent , technology , mad science , future , aviation , airbus


Airbus have revealed some plans for future airplanes that sound pretty cool and futuristicky.

Sep 20

Where are the kids? Ask Google.

Posted by salambander in ontd , internet , Google , children , advertising


Once upon a time, some children were in dire need of being watched. And behold! A woman flew into their street with a magic umbrella, and offered herself as their nanny.

Sep 13

Robot Liars

Posted by salambander in USA , technology , robots , military , mad science


Some Mad American Scientists have developed algorithms that allow a robot to decide whether it should tell someone the truth or not. They plan to use these in military operations, ie "Robot leaves a false trail and hides itself" and so on. The US military's technology has had huge impacts on the world. They did invent the internet, after all. So, it's just a matter of time before these robotic liars become commonplace, scurrying around, lying to people.

Aug 20

Self-Folding Origami

Posted by salambander in technology , self-folding , origami , MIT , innovation


Everything we can do, the Japanese can do better (and smaller). Until now. Some American nerds at certain Massachusetts Institutes of Technology and Ivy Leaguers have one-upped the Japanese by designing sheets that fold themselves - no more papercuts! It's made of fiberglass, metal strips, silicone joints and magnets.

Aug 17

The Terahertz Detector - A stalker's (wet) dream?

Posted by salambander in x ray , terahertz detector , technology , mad science , innovation


Scary military scientists have developed a super-duper X-ray-ish machine that can see through buildings, packaging and - wait for it - clothing from a mile away. This news has met with some approval from people who don't like receiving bombs in the post, and horror from pretty much everyone else, because like all technology, it will probably be used for evil. 

Aug 16

3D Sex and Zen

Posted by salambander in technology , Porn , innovation , hologram , 3D


Some people in Hong Kong have made the first 3D IMAX porn movie. Remember when your grandma told you that too much playing with yourself would make you go blind? Well, now it could be a reality! It will be called "3D Sex and Zen" and has already been banned in prudish China.

Jun 20

What do Black Holes and Vuvuzelas Have in Common?

Posted by salambander in Untagged 


Possible answer: "They both suck."

Jun 10

The Vuvuzelapocalypse

Posted by salambander in Untagged 


Yesterday, at approximately 12h00, the Southern tip of Africa was shaken by the noise of a thousand angels farting into a trumpet. It was the Great Vuvuzela Attack of 2010, welcoming the national team home, and damaging millions of eardrums.

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