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Jan 17

Get paid to do surveys. Part 2.

Posted by riiaan in Untagged 


Last week I wrote about online surveys. Companies that have to do market research are willing to pay you for your time and opinion. Unfortunately, there are many sites out there that are scams. I made a sort list of things to look for when you want to join a survey website. If you see any of these things there is a possibility that they might be scams and it is highly recommended that you avoid them.

Jan 13

Get paid to do surveys

Posted by riiaan in Work online , Scams to avoid , Information security , Get paid online


Get paid to do online surveys

There are people that will pay you to do surveys. Nothing funny about it, they are doing market research and they need people to interview and they will pay you for your time and opinion.

Dec 01

2011 Tech Highlight (sort of anyway)

Posted by riiaan in Tech highlight 2011 , Omg...Sodium


iPhone 3G

Aug 03

How to expose an online scam

Posted by riiaan in Online scams


Do part time work as a translator.
I clicked on the link without thinking and immediately I felt dirty.

Jul 05

Whoops, Gears of War 3 has leaked online!

Posted by riiaan in Xbox , news , Info Security , Gears of War 3


Jul 04

Please, help South African artists!

Posted by riiaan in Vinyl Destination , Kronk , Interesting websites , Hello Vinyl , Designer toy awards


Help South African artists during the annual Designer Toy Awards. 

Jun 30

Gears of War 3 hype heating up

Posted by riiaan in Xbox , Vault , Gears of War 3 , Gaming


Epic studios, the developers of Gears of War 3, are taking full advantage of the excitement (and hype) that is growing around the new Gears of War game.

Jun 23

Greenpeace gives Mattel a digital knockout punch.

Posted by riiaan in Twitter , Mattel , Interesting websites , Greenpeace


Jun 08

The Akinator is here to waste your entire damn afternoon.

Posted by riiaan in Surprise! This is what the world think of your pre , Akinator


Do not click on this link.
If you do, you could spend the whole afternoon wasting time with this game.

It is Akinator, the genie genius. Think of anyone and answer the questions asked by the genie and he will guess who you are thinking of.

Mar 23

Getting excited for Portal 2

Posted by riiaan in Valve , Portal 2 , Dead Space 2 , Awesomeness


Trailers and commercials for games are usually dull as dirt. Thankfully every now and again somebody with a sense of humor comes along and creates a video that makes my black heart sing.

Portal 2, developed by legendary gaming studio Valve (Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead) will be released somewhere towards the end of April.

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