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Oct 26

iOS 5: How to sync over wifi(no cable), make your own text tone and lots more

Posted by msbodetti in WiFi , text tone , sync , ringtone , iTunes , iPhone , ios5 , computer , Apple


I've had a while now using iOS 5 and I got around getting in all the ways to make my iPhone work the way I want it to…

Oct 19

iOS 5: Alternative way to get it and Jailbreak (Tethered; Any baseband)

Posted by msbodetti in Windows , snowbreeze , redsnow , Mac , iTunes , iPod , iPhone , ipad , ios 5 , Apple


After my last post on the live blog stream of the "Let's talk iPhone" I haven't really had a chance downloading and updating my iPhone to iOS 5.

What really bugged me was the headlines of Apple's servers not being sufficient for the update. Well lets see… Steve passed away (R.I.P), this was a real revelation for the iOS and they were releasing a new iPhone on Friday so obviously it would be swamped. 

Oct 04

Apple's "Let's talk iPhone" streaming live in 1 and half hours

Posted by msbodetti in tim cook , Steve Jobs , ModMyI , iphone 5 , iPhone 4S , iPhone , IOS , Engadget , Apple


I haven't blogged in ages because I have been waiting impatiently for the launch or debut for the next generation iPhone. And here it is :)

Aug 11

How to make a custom background for your Twitter page

Posted by msbodetti in YouTube , Twitter , photoshop , customise , background


So after my last post on creating a custom background for my YouTube channel, I thought it would be definitely cool to get it done for Twitter.

Even though both YouTube and Twitter pages look similar and if you had to upload your YouTube background we made before, you will see that it's totally off. And to figure out how to design your custom background, you have to resize your browser to see if the background changes in any way.

So I uploaded my YouTube background to my Twitter page but it's too much to the left. So when I resized the browser window to the left to make it narrower, the background stayed still but the Twitter body moved to the left. And when you move it to the right, the Twitter body moves right.
So what can we do with that information?

We can make a custom background with our main images placed on the top left corner and try to keep important images away from the right, reason? Well we don't know how big or small our viewers browser windows are opened and if it's on the left, the viewer will still see it regardless how big or small their windows are opened.

But which screen size should we use?

We should use the most common one 1280 x 1024


1. Download the psd file of the Twitter template here. If you look in the layers panel, you should see a folder called Templates and you will see the most common screen sizes listed. Make sure the 1280 x 1024 is not hidden and all others are.

Aug 01

How to Customise your YouTube's Channels Background

Posted by msbodetti in YouTube , Twitter , photoshop , mydigitallife , gimp , Facebook , diigo , custom , channel , background


I've noticed that a lot of South African Youtube Channels (Including my personal channel) are not customized as it should be. Look below images for before and after on my channel.

Jul 20

Grooveshark - Free Spotify alternative

Posted by msbodetti in spotify , music , iTunes , iPhone , ipad , grooveshark


I don't know if you came across Grooveshark, but it's the best thing next to Spotify and it's totally FREE on your computer.

What I love about Spotify is that I don't need Gig's of space to listen to music that I don't have stored on my Mac or iPhone or iPad or any other device that supports it. But there is iTunes Match which is a great alternative but your limited to space…

How do I get Grooveshark?

This is the best part, you don't need to download any Apps whatsoever.

1. Open up your browser on your device and type in

2. Start searching for music and play it within seconds.

Jul 14

How to fix Spotify Login Failed or 14 day travel expired

Posted by msbodetti in spotify , socks , proxy , port


After my last post on creating a Spotify account, I ran into a problem of Spotify giving my a 14 day travel expiry or inactivity after the 14 days which comes to a Login Failed.  So I will share on how to fix this.

If you have the premium account, you don't have to worry about this as Spotify gives you unlimited travel days.

How to fix Login Failed

Jul 13

Mac OS X Lion Release coming tomorrow?

Posted by msbodetti in microsoft , Mac , lion , Firefox , Apple , adobe


The official release for Lion is drawing closer and closer. After developers received an email on Monday asking them to send through their Lion Apps for testing at Apple. Which you can find a snapshot of it below.

Jul 06

Mac OS X Lion Review - Final Release

Posted by msbodetti in Mac , lion , iMac , Apple


Yes I got my hands on a Golden Master build of the Mac OS X Lion that is predicted to be released on the 6th (Today) or 19th July 2011. The Golden Master was released on the 1st July 2011.

Jul 06

iPhone 4 Jailbreak 4.3.3 - Any Baseband, Any iDevice (iPad 2)

Posted by msbodetti in jailbreak , iTunes , iPod Touch , iPhone , ipad , comex , 4.3.3


I have been waiting for this Jailbreak for a really long time, reason? Well because I mistakenly updated my baseband from my last update to 4.2.1, my current baseband is  not unlockable via ultrasn0w.
Finally comex released the revamped version 3. Which supports all iDevices including the iPad 2 which has stirred up the public. As a lot of Jailbreakers were trying to accomplish the iPad 2 Jailbreak after comex's last jailbreak for iPad 2 got patched by Apple.

How to get your iDevice ready for

Firstly do a backup of your iDevice with your Contacts, email setting, music etc.
Then you need your iDevice to be updated to 4.3.3 via iTunes.

I had to do a Restore and Update because my iPhone was Jailbroken 4.2.1 via greenpoison. So if your iDevice is already Jailbroken, Restore and Update is highly recommended.

I noticed that my baseband updated yet again but this wont be a problem for Jailbreakme 3.0

Ant that's it, it's ready :)

How to Jailbreak with

1. On your iDevice, open up Safari and type in

2. Press the Install button next to Cydia. It should just Install the Cydia App or Jailbreak and Install the Cydia App.

This Jailbreak is 100% Free and working!
What happened to Greenpoison's rc6.2?

Well the Chronic dev team have been updating the public on release dates for the rc 6.2 but nothing has been released since May when they announced that they will be releasing it. A lot of rumors have it, it's because Geohot is no longer helping them because of his position at Facebook.
But this is the alternate method to use from Greenpoison as it basically uses the same strategy of Jailbreaking the firmware installed and not having conflict with basebands etc.
Read more about the comex here by the dev team.

Big thanks to Comex for his wonderful work and please make donations to him if you have used his Jailbreaking method with success!


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