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Apr 04

Getting the toes wet

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It has been a long time since I have posted anything on this lovely platform.  For the rest of the world, that did not really matter, but for me it is a sad state of affairs.  Being a student of communication studies, I am working towards getting a degree in the art of communication and hence being a professional communicator.  The journey is continuing.

Please see this as a preview blog.  Since I was unfairly dismissed on the 17th of February, I have gone through a crazy set of events including moving, laying my first CCMA complaint, looking for work, finding work, losing work, driving a marketing startup and learning about life in general.

With my toes wet, I promise that the blogs to come will be a whole lot more coherent, informative and hopefully entertaining.  Till then I bid thee farewell and thank thee for having cast thine eyes upon my meagre writ.

Dec 03

International Day for Persons with Disabilities

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Today marks a day that should celebrate Persons with Disabilities and their contributions to society.  Why?  The reasons might not be very clear for those not  directly involved with Persons with Disabilities, but should you ask someone that is, you will be enlightend by hearing what obstacles lies in the way of living a life ordinary to so many citizens of this country for Persons With Disabalities.  Are you asking pity? My answer is no.  What then?  Empowerment, would be my answer.

The Constitution of this country guarantees some human rights (  These rights do not apply to class, race, income or any other form of classification.  To all do they apply no matter your condition of disposition.  Furthermore the government expanded these rights and put into law the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act or PEPUDA for short (  With this law, the government is effectively saying that any obstacle to the integration of persons with disabilities into society should be eliminated.  Good thought!  Could you believe that this legislation came before the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities(  This convention and the optional protocol was rattified by the South African Government meaning that they aggreed to abide by this convention.

Sadly the reality for persons with disability remain one of exclusion.  Public inaccessibility is still a reality and what's worse is that inaccessibility continues even in new buildings and renovations.   This needs to be addressed by local municipalities as they are the direct authority over such matters.  Furthermore parking bays for wheelchair users need to be patrolled each day.  In my opinion few officers are employed to do this easy and rewarding task.  Just check to see if this person has an access disk.  If not, write a ticked for R500. Easy.

For those 1% of Persons with Disabilities that are employed, the workplace and related interactions pose serious accessibility issues.  It is seldom that the premise is completely accessible.  Usually you have to depend on fellow employees to help you around.  That is not acceptable.  Company functions also are seldom planned with those with special needs in mind.  Yesterday saw me going home directly after arriving at our annual function.  According to the PA that arranged the event, everything would be accessible.  I could not even access the bathroom.  Steps are a bit of an obstacle, you see?

So today, please keep those with special needs in mind.  There is a lot of issues and causes in this country and the plight of those with disabilities should not just be shoved to the back.   Have an empowering International Day for Persons with Disabilities!

Jun 29

One Hour Later

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Apr 20

Malema Off The Hook

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It seems that Malema is untouchable.  Why only he and the committee that met last night would know  according to MSN via I-Net Bridge (

To be honest, this is of particular concern to me.  If the ANC cannot reign in the leader of their youth league, what will happen when this person comes to rule the whole of South Africa?  If he is politcally powerful now, as a youth leader, imagine the power he wil wield when he enters the ANC itself?  In my mind it is only a matter of time before he becomes president and we start our way towards the same state as Zimbabwe.

What further boggles me is why he is still youth leader?  What has he really done for the youth of this country?  Why isn't he fighting for better education rather than nationalising everything in front of him?  Some people might think he has the Midas touch.  I rather believe he is more like Icarus.  Only time and the voters will tell, but unfrotunately, this sitatuation does not look good.

Apr 19

How To Write Potent Blogs

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This post is about writing potent blogs, inspired by lessons learnt from my local Toastmasters International club.  I will take you through the main parts of a post and through this post demonstrate how a potent blog can be created.

A post should have four parts : the title, the introducation, the main content and lastly the conclusion.

The title should be the description of your very interesting topic.  Using your favourite search engine, you should be able to identify certain trends and you should be able to form an opinion about one or many of those trends.

Having identified a certain trend, choose  a specific aspect about this trend or topic.  Write down ten to twenty things you want to say about this topic.  Now we get to the tricky part.  Whittle down this list of facts or observations to three.  No more no less.  Keeping in mind the attention span of the average websurfer, more than three would be too much.

You now have three interesting facts and now it's time to write your introduction.  Be as clear as you can be without getting into too much details.  When you read the introduction, make sure you see al three points.   This is the map to the content your reader will keep in mind.

Next comes the main content.  Here you elaborate on the three main points you have chosen.  Try to give equal attention to all three points.  A rule of thumb would be to either count the number of words you used or to count the number of paragraphs.  Either way should give you an indication that you are not spending too much time on one aspect of your post.

Lastly you wrap up with you conclusion.  With three points, you can easily recap and the readers of the blog will remember your post longer.  By correlating your conclusion with your introduction, you have wrapped up your intellectual offering and you have given your reader a sense of closure and usefullness.  It is much easier to remember three facts about an interesting topic then an endless rambling about a vague point.

Now for my conclusion.  I have gone through the various parts of a post with you,  namely title, introduction, main body and conlusion. I have elaborated a little on each point and now I am closing with a recap.   To close off, a challenge : join a Toastmasters Club near you and see how these points are implemented.  Enrich your life along with your blogging experience!

Apr 16

'Afrikaners is plesierig'

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Let us begin with the facts. Not all the members of any said population segment or group represent the all the ideals of highlighted members of said group. That is statistically impossible. In light of the recent development with the leader of the AWB and the leader of the governing party’s youth league, we must then look at both groups and realize that not all members resemble the few individuals in the spotlight. Not all Afrikaners are racist farmers and not all black youths are militant revolutionaries.

Dec 08

My Digital Life in December

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It has been a while since my last post.  My fiance and I was the fortunate winners of a wedding, mostly paid for by the sponsors.  A bit more on that in future posts.

Currently I am typing this post on my Acer Extensa 5220 with 1GB DDR2 ram with a Celeron 1.73GHz processor.  My point being?  I am currently running Windows 7 and I must say it is a sweet ride so far!  With the limited capacity of this computer, I can see that Windows 7 is a so much better than Vista!
Connecting to the internet proved a bit more of a challenge.  I was lucky with XP of being able to connect with my MTN modem using a Vodacom 3G card.  No such luck with W7.  The answer was found in downloading Vodafone's Mobile Connect Lite (VMCLite) and voila!  Internet at last!

Congratulations on the crew behind this website!  Hopefully we will be able to access this site from mobiles like the BlackBerry Curve 8520, for instance (nudge, nudge, wink,wink)

Hope you have a lovely day, week, Christmas and / or New Year!

Sep 16

Would you click on this add?

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So me and my girlfriend, as of Sunday fiancĂ©, entered Ons Krant's big wedding competition ( So we created our own website(  So we printed a couple of thousand of pamphlets. What next? Facebook add!

Have you ever even looked at a Facebook add?  That is the question I asked myself after I awoke this morning.  What if NOBODY saw this nifty piece of marketing. That is where YOU, regular contributor to MyDL, come in.

Here is a full-scale picture of the add:

Look at this add would you:
B) First click on the site, then SMS
C) Click on the site then do nothing
D) What add?

The official stats for the add is as follows:
25871 impressions, 12 clicks, therefore 0.05% of the people that viewed the add clicked on the link.

Your input valued as always! :)
Sep 15

The Couple Is Official

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It's official!  I proposed to my girlfriend on Sunday.  She said yes. I was happy. Very! :)

The wedding date is still to be decided. Should be we be so lucky as to win the competition, it will be on the 30th of January 2010.  The interesting thing about this date is that it is also the anniversary of my girlfriend's grandparents on her mother's side.  It would mean a lot to them if we marry on that date and and it would also set a date in the family's history to be remembered for generations to come!

For details on helping this couple, please visit and see how you can cast your vote.  Your contribution will make next year the happiest year for a couple!

For those who have already voted, thank you so very much!  We appreciate your contribution fully!

May the rest of your day be one filled with joy and happiness!
Sep 11

Help A Couple Win A Wedding

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People of the digital realm, lend me your ears. . .

It seems that Ons Krant, the initiators of the biggest wedding competition in South Africa has published a the stories we sent in along with the photos.  To see the photos, please visit and klink on

According to a reliable source, the other three couples have managed to send in over ten thousand votes each!  My call to you is not to put your whole salary into this competition, but to please just ask everyone to visit the site and follow the voting instructions.  Very easy: "pinky - brain - krant - wedding - co - za".

Should you feel moved to do so, please click on 'poster' on the site, print out the poster and put it up where you are. 

Thank you for your support so far!  You are helping even more than you think!
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