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Oct 08

News of the week

Posted by bubblzey in Untagged 


A few weeks ago, I tried a tweets-of-the-day post. It didn't really work out...I don't really have enough time every day to research and write a daily post (that is actually enjoyable and informative). Therefore, I decided to do a single post on Friday to update you guys on interesting events that have happened in the past week or so. Now, to kick off...

Sep 21

Tweets of the day - 21st September

Posted by bubblzey in Twitter , daily


It's been a while since I was on MyDL. I’ve been blogging here and did a guest post here, so I haven’t been entirely unproductive in between school work. If I’m honest, I started blogging elsewhere for two reasons: 1) because I was no longer a computer science major and had very little to say, tech-wise, and 2) because a close friend couldn’t access the MyDL site. I’ve since become a twitter addict, and I need an outlet for my urge to RT everything (well, not everything, but a fair amount). Thus, I have decided to do a daily blog here. I’ll try to keep it as F1-free as possible (although, bear in mind that most of my twitter feed is comprised of racers, engineers and team personnel). I will try to do it daily, but 1) sometimes I run out of time/don’t get out of bed for a few days at a time and 2) sometimes, there’s just not that much news.

Mar 22

Tweeting vs. Blogging

Posted by bubblzey in Twitter


The concept of tweeting, as I understood it, was as a mini-blog. You have an awesome thought or hear some interesting news, and you broadcast it on twitter.  Some people have this down to a fine art. I've said it before and I'll say it again, redsaid, my favourite writer of twiterature, is an awesome tweeter!

Feb 23

GreenRoad: the road nanny of the future?

Posted by bubblzey in Richard Branson , driving technology , Al Gore


GreenRoad, an award-winning product developed by an Israeli businessman after being run off the road by reckless teens, is designed to warn drivers of unsafe behaviour. The idea for the product first came about in 2003, attracting funding from Virgin Green Fund, Benchmark Capital, Balderton Capital and Amadeus Capital and strategic partnerships with Marsh, Transport for London, SafetyFirst and Belmont.

Feb 09


Posted by bubblzey in ScriptFrenzy , RPS , fantasy fiction


It's that time of year again (well, almost. Soon enough to be planning storylines): the crazy month of April when we try our level best to sound like poncey drama folk and bang out a script or screenplay. Personally, I think I'm going to write a screenplay - not because I think I have more shot at publishing it, but because I understand the medium better.
I have, thus far, plotted out two story-lines. Two story-lines that couldn't be more divergent if they tried. However, they have one thing in common: they're probably too quirky for any self-respecting director to make. Maybe I'm being pessimistic. Anyway, I would very much value your vote. So far in the poll of people I know, they're evenly split, and I have no firm feelings either way. So, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, think about what you'd like to see in a cinema near you, and then vote in the comments...

Genre: Comedy-Fantasy, with a few musical scenes thrown in for spice (but all grunge/punk/alternative rock music, not bright, happy showtunes).
Director of choice: Joss Whedon.
Plot: A girl comes back from her brother's wedding (at which she tried to pick up, only to find that all the men were creepy, crazy, married or gay) thoroughly depressed about men. Her housemate gets her intoxicated to cheer her up, and they end up discussing the perfect man. She decides to craft her perfect man (a bizarre mixture of Viggo Mortensen, Glorfindel and Nico Rosberg) and have him animated magically. The trouble is, he came out a little spicier than she intended, having absorbed a few quirky habits from each of the people she modeled him on. She then takes him home for family Christmas and has to pretend that he's normal.

Genre: Drama, Dark Comedy, Urban Fantasy
Director of Choice: Katheryn Bigelow/Mohammed al Daraji
Plot: Told in flashbacks, sparked by events in current life, we trace the journey of an innocent six year old girl into an odd, awkward, hostile thirteen year old. The flashes show her father's escalating sexual abuse on her, followed by her trips into the forest to meet a being (of elf/fay persuasions) that comforts her. The movie culminates with the event that leads to her placement with adoptive parents. The forest being is the catalyst for the event (I wish I could tell you what happens, because the final shot is awesome in my head, but that would be ruining it), but it's never revealed whether she actually exists, or is just a product of the girl's imagination.

Alternatively, if you think they're both lame, make a suggestion. (No, I won't write porn for loose change.)

Feb 08

The Republican approach to problem solving

Posted by bubblzey in Palin , Obama , Gulf War


Call me cynical, but does it seem like whenever an issue arrises in a presidency, the republicans start suggesting war. Sarah Palin (yes, my all-time favourite person in the world</sarcasm>) has suggested that Obama will not be re-elected if he doesn't go to war with Iran. She uses phrases like 'play the war card' (and I consider playing the race card offensive. Honestly, how can she be so very cavalier about who her country invades?).  This past vac, I spent ages watching war documentaries on the History Channel (in my defense, I was in Zimbabwe, and the internet didn't work. Still, History Channel rocks my socks), and noticed how very many wars America had been involved in, and how very badly they behaved. I remember weeping like a baby when I saw an interview with a Japanese woman who was telling the story of how she lost her son in Hiroshima (and had to identify his remains).  Here is an interesting link detailing every international American military incident.

Feb 01

Editors Anonymous

Posted by bubblzey in Untagged 


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I've discovered a new love – editing. Nothing I'm doing is particularly serious, nor is it a significant contribution to society. I'm editing pieces for a fanfic community. Yes, I admitted that I enjoy slash; I would say that I was unashamed, but I'm too embarrassed about it to tell you what kind of fanfic. Perhaps that's a sign that I shouldn't be doing it, but it's fun. I love to watch a piece of work go from being a vague, badly spelled, badly punctuated, badly worded heap of s**t to an easy-to-read, entertaining story. Sure, sometimes it takes the writers three edits to get it to that stage, but it's wonderfully rewarding to edit it for them.

Jan 27

Controlling the Lambda of the human population

Posted by bubblzey in medical facilities , gay rights , ecology , cannabis legalisation , aid


I must admit to being a liberal. I feel the pain of the world rather acutely, and feel the need to help those less fortunate. When I leave uni, I want to spend a few years giving back to the world through education, teaching people things that I know that will help their lives - for example, going to Amazonia and teaching ecology, so that the people there will be able to earn a living off the forest without damaging its future. However, I was having a discussion with my Dad the other day. He used to work as an aid agent - an economist who helps direct aid from agencies like the World Bank and UN to organisations that need it - and is now very disillusioned. He saw most of the aid money going to pay expat aid workers' salaries, rather than to helping the people, and has come to the conclusion that giving aid does nothing but teach people to put their hands out when the going gets tough.

Dec 17

The Art of Tweeting

Posted by bubblzey in Untagged 


I've been twittering now for a few months. I've also been avidly both writing and reading tweets. I've noticed a few things about subscriptions on the website, because people sub and unsub from me pretty much every day. 

Dec 09


Posted by bubblzey in Untagged 


Ah, once again, I find myself in Zimbabwe. I would like to apologise for having been quiet for so long - I had exams (which I was particularly stressed about) and then I moved house. Have I mentioned before that I hate moving house? It's a combination of lifting, carrying and tidying - three of my least favourite activities - and everything comes out dirty at the end. I do promise that I will write a real post soon, but I thought that I would give a brief set of headlines for those of you who are interested in my personal life. I'm fairly sure that the majority of my readership is people who know me, rather than people who enjoy my understated, sarcastic humour, so I suppose this is not uncalled-for.

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